What If…? cosplay captures the incredible strength of Infinity Ultron in Marvel’s alternate universe.

You can see a series more photos at What If …? Infinity Ultron (from the animated Marvel series) brought to life through beautiful, creepy cosplay.

Infinity Ultron’s power can be seen in these photos, which feature a wonderfully designed but also eerie What If cosplay.

Reddit post by u/MHCreativeGrain. This first photo shows MHCreativeGrain in his costume. His cape is blowing in wind. MHCreativeGrain is seen in the second photograph looking like Vision. It squints at his camera. The last photos are a little different. They include the Infinity Stones as well as the helmet’s eyes glowing. These elements add to the creepiness and MHCreativeGrain holding Infinity Ultron’s double-headed lance.

The WhatIf …? Director Bryan Andrews discussed the kinds of stories the upcoming second and third seasons of Marvel’s animated series will contain in 2022. Andrews disclosed that Marvel Studios President & Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige wanted “a little closer at the vest” with the first season. This was done by having one small element be distinct and impactful on others but still tied to a specific movie or a moment from the movie. Andrews noted that has more Marvel Cinematic Universe films than ever before and therefore the production team does not have to spend “just a minute.”

“We can extend out and things might get a little wilder,” he said. “We step it up in season two, and then we go even wilder in season three. Season two will feature new characters that we haven’t seen before. We will also see how these characters integrate with some old favorites. There’s so much to look at and I can’t wait for people’s reactions.

Marvel Studios Head of Animation Brad Winderbaum mentioned that Season 3 would allow Marvel Studios “go a lot deeper with these people,” including The Watcher. Winderbaum added, “It’s a Multiverse story, they’re standalone stories. But there’s a serialized aspect because there’s this narrator (he loves the subjects of these tales, he’s the ultimate fanboy). “He’s looking, like all of us. He loves these characters just like we do. We can learn more about what makes him tick in season two and the third season. This allows us to get to understand his humanity.

Season 2, which will air on Disney+, is scheduled to premiere in 2023.

Get Ready for More Mischief: Loki Season 2 Release Date Update Revealed

Loki fans can expect a longer time to wait for the God of Mischief’s return. Season 2 of Disney+ will not be available until the summer of 2023.

These spoilers are for Ant-Man the Wasp’s Quantumania.

Updated release window available for Marvel Studios’ Loki Season 2, starring Tom Hiddleston in the title role of God of Mischief.

The Loki 2nd Season release window is based on a report from Star Wars The Bespin Bulletin about the upcoming Disney+ series Ahsoka. The report stated that Ahsoka would not debut on the streaming channel until after two upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe series Secret Invasion and Loki seasons 2 — the former arriving in May, the latter in the Summer. The Disney+ debut of Loki was in June 2021.

MCU viewers will have to wait longer before Loki is back on Disney+. Marvel Studios did, however, tease Season 2’s stories in the post-credit scene for Ant-Man: Quantumania. In this scene, Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius found another Kang type named Victor Timely in the late 20th century. While it is unclear how this scene will play into the second series’ overall storyline, Jonathan Majors’ Kang reportedly plays a significant part in the new episodes.

Marvel Studios Spaces Out Its Upcoming Shows

In the wake of reports that Marvel Studios is reducing production, updated release windows have been set for Secret Invasion and Loki. The new release dates for both em>SecretInvasion/em> and Loki was announced amid reports that Marvel Studios is decreasing its production to make it more efficient in post-production and early development. Sources say the delay was story-related and that “other matters need to happen first” before the series can air.

Hiddleston Wilson and Majors will return to Season 2, as Gugu Mbatha–Raw plays Ravonna Renslayer. Eugene Cordero plays Casey/Hunter K-5E. Tara Strong portrays Miss Minutes. Sophia Di Martino portrays Sylvie. Wunmi Muraku plays Hunter B-15. Everyone Everywhere At Once Ke Huy Quan is one of the new additions to this cast. Wunmi Mosaku will be playing the role of Hunter B-15, a Time Variance Authority archivist. Kate Dickie (unknown) has also joined the cast.

LokiSeason 1 has been streamed on Disney+. Season 2 is expected to debut in mid-2023.

Spider-Man, X-Men, Avengers, and More Go to War With Each Other in New Marvel Event

New Marvel Event: Spider-Man, X-Men, and Avengers Go to War with Each Other

In this image, Spider-Man and Wolverine are at war with one another in a contest for the Contest of Chaos, a big Marvel event.

In the upcoming Marvel saga, Storm, Iron Man, and many more will be at war in the Contest of Chaos.

Marvel has released new promotional artwork by Bryan Hitch to promote Contest of Chaos which will launch in 2023. This image shows a number of iconic Marvel heroes, including Deadpool and Moon Knight, Captain America, and Captain Marvel, fighting each other in a Civil War maneuver for reasons that remain unknown. “Observe the corruption and absolute chaos in CONTEST of CHAOS, which will arrive in Summer 2023.” The publisher teased, promising that more information would follow at a later time. The Contest of Chaos creative team has not been revealed.

Where is the Contest of ChaosFall with Marvel’s 2023 Publishing Plan?

While Contest of Chaos doesn’t have a release date as of this article’s publication (it’s not yet available), Marvel has already revealed two major events for the summer of 2023. The Summer of Symbiotes was announced at New York Comic-Con 2022. It featured Venom, Carnage, and Red Goblin, among other well-known characters. A “Death of Venomverse” development is also being teased by the publisher (featuring promotional art by Gerardo Sandoval). It will be released in June 2023. More details will follow.

The X-Men will also have a Fall of X event in the summer of 2023. This event, which starts with the third annual Hellfire Gala, could see the end of mutant-kind’s Krakoan age. The X-Men hoped Krakoa could last forever. It was time to see if they were correct,” the publisher had previously teased. “Fall of X” is named after Sins of Sinister which was an event that took place in January 2023 and saw Mister Sinister become inadvertently trapped in a reality he created.

Other Marvel crossovers will be released around the same time that Contest of Chaos. These include a Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson Captain America: Cold War event, which begins in spring 2023, and a bloody Miles Morales/Carnage battle that starts on May 3, 2023. Carnage Reigns Alpha, Ghost Rider, and Wolverine Weapons of Vengeance team up coming in August. The contest of Chaos also begins at the same time as Jed MacKay’s and C.F. Villa’s ongoing Avengers series launches at the same time as Jed MacKay and C.F.

Contest of Chaos launches during the summer of 2023 by Marvel Comics

Scarlet Witch’s MCU Future Discussed by Elizabeth Olsen

The MCU is a disservice to Scarlet Witch and the Comics.

The comics had a tough couple of decades for the Scarlet Witch. Her MCU journey was just as difficult and didn’t serve her character.

Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, has made significant changes to be distinct from her comic book origin. In 2014’s Axis, Magneto wasn’t Wanda’s father. Her powers were derived from the Mind Stone and she is no longer a Mutant. Even though her origin was not the same as that of her comic book counterparts, her character still suffered the most from the world of tragedy. It proved that her inspiration was just as bad as the live-action version of the character.

Many of the MCU’s heroes were explored in their own stories that did not follow the comic book versions. Tony Stark, for example, chose a narrative that kept the character’s spirit intact but used stories that were not strictly based on the source. Captain America, however, covered the entire history of his life to show how he had changed and how it was natural. Wanda, however, was tied to 20 years of tragedy that led her to the life she lived in the movies.

Marvel’s Comics Hindered Scarlet Witch’s MCU Growth

Wanda’s most famous moments were in three important event series. They were Avengers Disassembled (by Brian Michael Bendis, David Finch, and House of M (by Olivier Coipel and Olivier Coipel), and Avengers Children’s Crusade. All three series focused on Wanda’s mental breakdown after she realized her manifested children had been taken from her.

After her magic attack that led to the deaths of many Avengers, Avengers: Broken saw the Avengers break apart. The Marvel Universe-defining House of M saw Wanda manipulated by Magneto to create an environment where their family could rule. Wanda declared, “No More Mutants!” when she discovered the truth. Young Avengers was more encouraging because she was reunited with her children. However, her friends were unable to forgive her for her past actions. She was essentially shunned because of her past actions, even though she needed mental health treatment.

Although the MCU films didn’t reach as deeply into Wanda’s psyche or familial connections as much, Wanda still suffered from loss after she lost her husband, children, and brother in just a few years. In her desperate attempt to regain an inkling of the loss, Wanda was exposed to corruption by Darkhold and became a murderous villain to destroy the Multiverse to get her children back. The MCU’s Wanda was made a tragic villain by her three most tragic-comic stories. Wanda never had the opportunity to stand on her own two feet and find herself, as she was forced to be an enemy.

Wanda’s Redemption will be a difficult journey

WandaVision, Doctor Strange from the Multiverse of Madness stepped up to bring these iconic Scarlet Witch stories alive. The years before her fall into villainy felt more like a backdrop to her transformation into an enemy due to trauma. Although it was thrilling to see her fight Doctor Strange it is difficult to overlook the poor choices she made to use trauma to make a villain onscreen. Although it might seem that Wanda has made her last sacrifice and is now free to move on, there is still hope for her to come back. To make Wanda feel worthy and powerful, it will be necessary to avoid certain errors if she does return.

Wanda must face the consequences of her actions and admit her mistakes if she wants to make her return home happier than she did before. She will have to prove that her descent is due in large part to the fact that those who claimed to be there for Wanda when she was struggling on her own. She can also become a hero, even though people may not like her or trust her because she is more proficient with her powers. She was young and uninformed about her abilities. But now, she’s the Scarlet Witch, which can help her prove that she’s capable of doing the right things.

Wanda is human, and she has flaws just like everyone else. She made mistakes, and she could be given another chance. It would be impossible to make it work if she didn’t unravel the stories that inspired her first story arc. Instead, she should find new paths that are both original and honor the later stories that portrayed Wanda as a hero.

‘Captain Britain’ Writer Tini Howard Explores Betsy Braddock’s Origins and Family Dynamics

Tini Howard teases Betsy Braddock (her brother Brian) and Rachel (her girlfriend Rachel) in Betsy Braddock.

Captain Britain returned home triumphantly after the war on Otherworld. But, not everyone is pleased with her return. BETSY BRADDOCK. CAPTAIN BRITAIN. Betsy Braddock has set up shop on Braddock Isle with her brothers Jamie and Brian. However, there is controversy over Betsy’s decision to assume the mantle. Reuben Brousseau just one of the many threats she will have to face is part of a conspiracy against her. Luckily, she’ll have her trusted partner Rachel Summers – AKA Askani – by her side whenever things get difficult.

Marvel.com: BETSY BRADDOCK: CAPTAIN WOMAN Tini Howard discussed what lies ahead for Rachel, Rachel, and Captain Britain Corps. She was happy to welcome new readers, and she also shared some favorite throwbacks about her EXCALIBUR. She also expressed her appreciation for Vasco’s work, promising Betsy “more baggage” and much more.

MARVEL.COM BETSY BRADDOCK is CAPTAIN BRITAIN #1, picking up from your KNIGHTS FOR X run. What would you tell a reader to keep them on track for the new series debut?

TINI HEAR: This one is for our new friends. If you’re new, or just a Captain Britain enthusiast who hasn’t kept up with the Krakoan X–Men era of Captain Britain, then come on in. Folks who enjoyed KNIGHTS OF X will be excited to see the aftereffects of the war in Otherworld, Captain Britain’s emancipation from the Roma/Saturnyne/Merlyn triangle, and how they come into play here. While you don’t need all that information to enjoy this story, we’ll be seeing how the plot moves beneath the surface.

MARVEL.COM. What BETSY BRADDOCK: CAPTAIN BRITAIN character were you most in love with as soon as you started to work on the series?

TINI HEARARD: I have always loved writing about Braddocks. Part of the joy in this book is being able to see them together at home. I wouldn’t say they had to learn from me but the members S.T.R.I.K.E. Writing about them has been an enjoyable experience. I have the privilege of getting to play with their personalities.

MARVEL.COM. Once more, the Braddocks all live under one roof. How has their dynamic changed since the last time they were in this position?

TINI HOWARD It’s so funny. Brian and Rachel used to live together at the lighthouse back in the Excalibur times, so it’s quite amusing to see them again as Brian’s girlfriend. Rachel finds herself always hanging out with Captain Britain.

All the siblings now live together. There’s also a computer in the basement. Vasco created a wonderful shot in the first issue. It has just that Full House energy.

MARVEL.COM. Betsy and Rachel are officially back in Marvel Universe. How will their relationship be affected by the jump to Earth-616

TINI HOARD: They are now living together in England. I don’t know if the couple decided to do this officially. It was probably a sleepover that never ended. Girls who are attracted to other girls…we do it sometimes. Rachel, as Askani now holds a strong place in Captain Britain’s world that allows her freedom to work, without being manipulated or manipulated by other magic investors. It’s love, that makes the team-up possible. Good stuff.

REUBEN Brousseau is still up for no good. This time, he’s got an ally. How worried should we be about Captain Britain Corps?

TINI HOARD: Reuben was just one of many powerbrokers out to take Betsy down. We’ll be learning more about who and why as the series goes on and things get more serious. Things have gotten very serious since issue #4.

MARVEL.COM. Tell us about your experience with Vasco Georgia. What surprised or pleased you about the book he contributed?

TINIHOOD: This was my first time working with Vasco. I love it. Captain Britain has had one phenomenal artist after the other during my time there. Betsy lovers are pretty spoilt by these amazing artists these days so it was a big task, and Vasco delivers. Vasco brings life and energy to Braddock Manor. I love working alongside him.

MARVEL.COM. In this issue, we meet several Captain Britains. Apart from the original Captain Britain, which one was you most fond of and why?

TINI HEAD: Though she isn’t in the issue, I love the Violet Swan. She’s Captain Britain, and she’s also an excellent psychic bird. Betsy may be a “mean” psychic bird, so it works.

MARVEL.COM. Tell us what you are most excited for readers to read in BETSY BRADDOCK CAPTAIN BRITAIN 1!

TINI HARMONY: Betsy, Rachel, and Captain Britain’s rise in Marvel Multiverse are all highlights.

MARVEL.COM. Captain Britain’s history is long and complex. What do we hope BETSYBRADDOCK’s CAPTAIN BRITAIN legacy adds?

TINI HOWARD: Oh, more baggage, certainly–emotionally and literally. She just moved home and now needs all her outfits.

Tini Georgiev and Vasco Georgiev’s BETSY BRADDOCK: CAPTAINBRITAIN# are now on sale

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Splatoon Influenced Super Nintendo World’s Concept, Confirms Shigeru Miyamoto

Super Nintendo World concentrates on Mario, however, Shigeru Mishmoto revealed that there had been discussions about Splatoon.

Super Nintendo World now opens in Universal Studios Hollywood. While it’s wonderful to walk through a warp pipe into a place dominated by Mario makes the experience even more memorable. Mario essentially represents Nintendo. It’s no surprise then that this is where the spotlight should be.

Game Rant wanted to know why Nintendo decided to place this Mario center during a recent interview with Shigeru and Shinya Miyamoto at Super Nintendo World. You should note that there are some hidden features in the theme park, such as a Pikmin resemblance, but overall it’s all Super Nintendo World.

Miyamoto acknowledged that Super Nintendo World is not the same as Mario World, but explained that this was due to Miyamoto having a more focused approach than being scattered.

“There was talk about adding another IP like Splatoon. We thought it would be best not to scatter our efforts. Instead of making something scattered, we decided to focus on one thing and make something high quality and good. Mario was our choice, so that’s how we started.

Splatoonis super popular Nintendo IP. Imagine it in an interactive amusement park. Many Nintendo fans desire to see Zelda Pokemon or Pikmin get similar treatment. But, since the goal was to be specific, Mario is the right choice. Mario has appeared on all Nintendo consoles. Mario is now leading the company on the movie front. Fans want to see other Nintendo IPs treated similarly, however.

Nintendo and Universal Studios might someday incorporate elements of Splatoon into one of the Super Nintendo World stores around the globe. Super Nintendo World’s potential expansion is great, however, there are no confirmed plans. Super Nintendo World Japan currently has a Donkey Kong expansion. It is expected to open in 2024. The expansion will offer a rollercoaster, food, and other amenities. A similar attraction would be welcome in Hollywood. However, it might be difficult because Hollywood has a smaller land area than Osaka. However, starting with Mario is a good idea. We can always expand the park in the future.

Super Nintendo World is open now.

Why John Wick Couldn’t Exist Without The Matrix

John Wick: Chapter 4 stars Keanu Reynolds and Chad Stahelski discuss whether John Wick owes The Matrix franchise a debt.

Keanu Reeves has been compared to many other characters in The Matrix as well as John Wick. Reeves, Chad Stahelski, and director Chad Stahelski both acknowledge the similarities between the two movies.

In an interview with Wired, Reeves was compared to John Wick in The Matrix. They also discussed whether John Wick owes any debts to the science-fiction movie series for its existence. Reeves responded by saying, “If we’re going to compare them, they both had original ideas with visionary filmmakers.” Stahelski acknowledged that the John Wick franchise would not exist without The Matrix. “No one believed Matrix wouldn’t be amazing. David Leitch, co-director of the first Wick movie, and I stayed on for V For Vendetta as well as Speed Racer. This gave us a decade of Wachowski film school. The John Wicks are certainly children of The Matrix,” Stahelski stated.

The Matrix was an important role for Reeves. He played Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer who secretly worked as Neo. The Matrix also starred Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Ann Moss. It was a big success, earning four Academy Awards. The film grossed over $467 million worldwide and spawned three sequels in Revolutions, Reloaded, and Resurrections. Stahelski has directed all four movies in the John Wick series. He played Reeves’ stunt double while also coordinating stunts in Revolutions and Reloaded martial arts. Stahelski, who played the role of Tiffany (Moss) in The Matrix, was his first acting credit.

John Wick’s Matrix Reference

The John Wick franchise had previously looked into The Matrix, especially in Chapter 3: Parabellum where an Easter egg was referenced in the sci-fi movie. John is asked by Winston, the Continental Hotel owner, what he needs to bring down the High Table. John replies, “guns, lots and guns,” clearly referring to Neo, as this was the exact line Neo used in preparation for a lobby shootout sequence.

Chapter 4 John Wick re-engages with the High Table to try and secure freedom. The professional hitman is now facing a new enemy, Marquis da Gramont ( Bill Skarsgard). This powerful alliance includes some of John’s old friends-turned-foes. The movie stars Fishburne (Bowery King), Donnie Yen(Caine), and Lance Reddick, (Charon). It was shot in Paris, Berlin, and Osaka. The movie was originally scheduled for release in 2021, but it was delayed due to Reeves’ Resurrections commitments and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chapter 4 is John Wick’s longest installment at 2 hours and 49 minutes. This is 38 minutes more than the Chapter 3 – Parabellum record. Reeves also said that the movie features a possible new partner for John Wick and more complex action scenes than the previous films. Stahelski suggested that a John Wik 5 might be possible, but he decided to not shoot the fourth and fifth installments in the neo-noir crime thriller series together.

John Wick will be back in action when Chapter 4 opens in theaters in March. 24.

Locations and Start Date for Deadpool 3 Filming Announced in Recent Report

According to reports, Deadpool 3’s location will be determined and production will start on the time travel buddy comedy. Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds star in it.

Details about when and from where Deadpool3 will film are starting to surface

MidgardTimes says pre-production began on the Ryan Reynolds-led prequel. Filming will start in May at Pinewood Studios London with the second unit in Vancouver. The third installment will be Reynolds’ Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as the Merc With a Mouth. Hugh Jackman is set to make an MCU appearance in the iconic role that he played as the Wolverine. Logan doesn’t know who the guy is, and wants him out. However, Deadpool uses Cable’s time machine to travel into the future and change history to put them on TVA’s radar.

The Time Variance Authority is an interdimensional bureaucracy developed by Marvel Comics. This was introduced in the MCU first in the LokiDisney+ series. Tom Hiddleston plays GodofMischief in the series, while Owen Wilson portrays an avuncular White-Collar Analyst working for the TVA. Wilson is said to be part of the cast of Deadpool 3 along with The Crown’s Emma Corrin. Patrick Stewart also stated that he has told people to “stand aside.”

Marvel has yet not confirmed that any former Deadpool cast members would be returning. However, T.J. Miller has been open about his decision not again to play the Weasel. The return of Morena, Deadpool’s love interest Vanessa, to play Dopinder is still unknown. Blind Al was played by Leslie Uggams.

Deadpool is Back

Jackman and Reynolds have been joking on social networks while Jackman was working out to prepare for film production. Jackman’s inclusion in Deadpool 3 was announced by Jackman. The duo emphasized that the plot would still not overturn Wolverine’s heroic death as shown in Logan. Reynolds also mocked Jackman’s suggestion to call the movie Wolverine.

Shawn Levy who worked alongside Reynolds on Free Guyand the Adam Project will direct Deadpool 3. Filming is expected to take place between May and October. Deadpool 3 was released in theaters today, November 8, 2024.

Restoring the Lost: Could Jewelry Bonney Be the Key to Recovering Kuma’s Memory in One Piece?

Bonney is working hard to restore her father’s humanity. However, the steps she’s taking to get there might make it harder.

The following contains spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1074, “MK. III,” written by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul & Vanessa Satone. The English version is available at Viz Media.

Jewelry Bonney went to Egghead with only one purpose. She wants Dr. Vegapunk to transform her father Bartholomew Kuma into a cyborg to restore humanity. The discovery of Kuma’s memories is a major milestone for her. However, this may bring its own set.

Kuma isn’t storing his memories on a drive, or something compact like that. He used Paw-Paw to remove the memories from the body using a giant bubble. He could transport them, but there’s no way for anyone else to do it. Then again, that would leave the question open as to how to get them back into her father. Bonney is willing to try this method. Perhaps in classic One Piece fashion, there’s a way for her to bring these memories to her father to restore his humanity.

Bonney – How Can Bonney Regain Kuma’s Memories?

There are several methods to help Kuma regain his memories. The first way is to bring Kuma with you to Egghead. He will then be able to enter the bubble that holds all his memories. Kuma currently climbs the Red Line for unknown reasons, so this option is unlikely to come true.

Kuma will not be allowed to enter the bubble. Instead, the bubble will be taken to Kuma. Bonney must enter the bubble and absorb the memories. This process has already begun. Bonney’s entire contents should be expelled if this goes as planned. This would make her the compact vehicle for her dad’s memories.

Bonney could get Kuma’s memories out of Egghead but she still has to find a way to give them back to their original owner. She would need Kuma’s powers to remove the memories from Bonney and allow him to bring them back into her mind. Whether Kuma has the cognizance to request someone not connected with the World Government is a matter of debate. Vegapunk might be able simply to command him to do it if he has an Authority Chip from the Seraphim. It should be possible to determine whether the Former warlord has any free will to leave when it’s revealed why they’re climbing the Red Line.

Bonney might also question whether Bonney is trying to give Kuma these memories. Her true purpose in taking in these memories was not to give them back to Kuma. It was to help her understand him better. All her efforts to understand him may be wasted if she returns the memories. This is impossible unless she can somehow recall reading Kuma’s memories. She can then return them to their owner, and her character can be kept intact.

Bonney’s goal in any case is exhaustive. Her task is to look at all of Kuma’s memories, even those that are painful. Even if she’s familiar with the technical procedure of returning memories to their owners but the owner is in a place where it’s difficult to reach, which makes it even more challenging. If she wants to reunite with her father in person, it will take time, effort, and determination.

Epic Crossover Alert: One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and Toriko Premiere in March

The long-elusive anime crossover of One Piece and Dragon Ball Z will finally air in English on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Toonami block.

The 2013 Toriko One Piece and Dragon Ball Z Super Crossover Special will finally air in North America. An English dub will be available.

The official English account of Toei Animation announced that the crossover special featuring the stars from One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and Toriko would make its North American television debut on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Toonami block. Original broadcast on Fuji TV, April 7, 2013, in Japan. The special is part of the One Piece anime television series as Episode 590 “The Mightiest Collaboration In History vs. Gluttonous Of the Sea”, but international viewers were not able to access it. It is not part of the One Piece official English media release and it is not available on English-based streaming sites like Crunchyroll. Toriko and One Piece will air on Toonami Saturday, March 4.

Excited for Crossover Episode’s Publication

Jason DeMarco the co-creator and Senior Vice President for Anime & Action at Warner Bros. Discovery shared their excitement on Twitter. DeMarco tweeted, “We still have moves.” Adult Swim/Toonami was one of many streaming services that Warner Bros. owned. Discovery was affected by the Content Purge. This famously affected HBO Max, as the higher-ups asked questions about the name or the future streaming service.

The cancellation of Shenmue: The Animation was one of the most significant losses. It aired 13 episodes between 2021 and 2022. Before Sony bought them in 2021, the Shenmueanime had been a coproduction between Adult Swim & Crunchyroll. This was before Funimation’s merger in 2022. Despite these setbacks, Toonami continues airing anime action series such as My Hero Academia or One Piece and funding new series like Housing Complex C.

One Piece is currently available on streaming platforms like Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Tubi. A live-action One PieceTV Series is currently in development for Netflix. It will be available sometime in 2023.