10 Manga You Should Read If You Indulge with Chainsaw Man

It is no surprise that the Makima simps all over the globe are experiencing severe post-season withdrawals. Chainsaw Male Tuesdays are long gone. You don’t have to be desperate to find something to read that is in the same vein as Tatsuki’s masterpiece, but we have a list of uncommon manga you can check out.

If you are looking for the next solution to the bombastic Power saw Man activity, then the best option for anime only fans is to either read Fire Punch (beware: it’s anxious objectified) or to jump into the Power saw Guy manga (you’re looking to chapter 39). Here are 10 mangas that Chainsaw Male fans should look at if they’re looking for something more action-packed and unique.

1. ChoujinX

Choujin X would be a good choice if you love the monster styles of Power Saw Male’s devils and have an affinity for Tokyo Ghoul tale writing. Sui Ishida created it. The story follows Tokio Kurohara (a high schooler) as he and Azuma Higashi enter a strange society with half-humans, half-demons. Choujin, similar to the Tokyo Ghoul’s ghouls are powerful beings with metaphysical abilities who fight to survive at the bottom rungs of society.

Tokio is transformed by his extraordinary Choujin powers into a vulture-like creature. Like Denji, Tokio is a unique manga lead character. Tokio isn’t as brave and also strong as his childhood friend Denji. Instead, he is more of a wimp and wants to avoid any problems. Azuma’s bravery and courage would make him a prominent character if the manga were in different hands. The manga’s story of Tokyo’s struggles to become a Choujin is worth reading, rather than grinding your pleasure to a standstill. Ishida enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that he’s improved the imagination as well the clarity of motion, which is amazing considering it was hard to understand some of the scenes in Tokyo Ghoul: Re.

2. Dai Dark

Chainsaw Man fans who want to see space-faring adventures, as well as wallpaper-worthy Manga panels, should read Dai Dark. Another Dorohedoro creator Q Hayashida’s joint, it is in the company of Zaha Sanko, who is being pursued throughout the galaxy for his body parts. His skeleton, which has been known to grant anyone any type or dream, is also being used. It’s not normal for anyone to take their skeleton while they’re still using them, so Zaha and his terrifyingly skeletal friends must track down the man who cursed Zaha’s bone to ensure that he lives in tranquility.
If you liked the brutalist landscapes and also the charming-yet-offputting character layouts in Hayashida’s Dorohedoro, Dai Dark preserves that very same level of style as well as quality, specifically with its yoked-up Noi-equivalent personality, Shimada Fatality.

3. Dandadan

Yukinobu Toatsu’s Dandadan combines the most frightening horror images of Junji Ito’s stories with some of my favorite rom-com situationsal humor. Dandadan tells the story of Momo Ayase (“one of the most popular high school girls who believes ghosts”) and Ken Takakura (“the school’s greatest geek who thinks aliens exist). Momo and Ken are best friends after they provoke a schoolyard attempt where they have to search for a haunted website to prove the existence and validity of the paranormal. The pair discover they are both right, but by using the most unlucky means possible: being abducted and having their components taken by ghosts.

Dandadan, if Denji was also a favorite of yours, is a good choice. It has a lot more of that kind of wit in each of its bizarre yokai hunting journeys and gives out just as many sincere minutes between the pair as their monsters of this week.

4. Devilman G

Devilman Grimoire by Go Nagai is one of many retellings the legendary seinen scary manga Devilman. Devilman G is, however, a different Netflix movie that features Devilman Crybaby. This version has a much more balanced character and monster design from Toei Animation’s ’70s anime. The story follows the same format as previous versions. However, Devilman G makes a significant change to how Miki Makimura is treated. Miki Makimura is not a weak lady who Akira Fudo needs to rescue. She has the power of an all-powerful witch and she can use her powers to save Akira Fudo. A welcome twist on Miki’s story is that she triggers Akira into the satanic force, king Amon. Let’s go, Miki.

5. Hell’s Paradise

Mappa’s anime adaptation to Heck’s Paradise is Jigokuraku, which will stream on Crunchyroll in springtime. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy looking through the beautiful manga panels. You can only find it at your local bookstore if you are lucky. They sell out quickly whenever they restock. Hell’s Heaven is a wonderful book.
Heck’s Heaven, Yuujikaku- Power seen Guy maker Fujimoto’s former aide, follows a team detainees, as well the death squads, as they search for the elixir that will give them life. The manga’s self destruction squad of convicts discovers the island’s dangerous flora as well its treacherous, never-ending residents.

6. Inuyashiki

You might have ever seen the meme on the internet of an anime personality advising a scared woman about how fiery One Piece was (based). This scene is from Inuyashiki. A sci-fi manga that reveals more about your character than how you love One Piece.

Hiroya Oku has created Inuyashiki. It is a sci-fi drama about an infant boomer who is lonely. Ichirou makes a good cry while walking his canine through the park. After that, he finds an extraterrestrial creature that grants him a machine body. The story continues with Ichirou’s journey as a community hero who has a difficult time keeping his humanity.

7. Jagaaaaaan

Jagaaaaan by Kensuke Nishida. Blue Lock creator Muneyuki Kanneshiro is a supernatural manga about Shintarou Jagasaki. Shintarou dreams instead of serving and protecting, but he wants to be able to unload his entire police-issued firearm onto anyone who turns their head. Art is like life. Things get worse when a man dressed in a demon’s clothes kills his partner. Shintaro is just about to meet his ancestors when he fires a shot at the perpetrator with his fingertips.

Shintarou is infected with a frog-like critter known as a Mad Xenopus. This critter can transform the physiology, based on their strongest desires, of human beings. Shinatarou is now a trigger-happy frog who must use his newfound abilities to quickly “justice”, transform humans into monsters, and save his fiance. You all know the ending.

8. Kaijiu No.8

Kaiju No. 8 by NaoyaMatsumoto. It boldly does what many shonen manga don’t: make its primary character an adult. Kaiju No. 8 agrees to Kafka Hibino (32) a 32-year old sanitation worker who cleans up after kaiju fighting. Kafka didn’t imagine working in an unrecognized blue collar job. As a child, Kafka envisioned joining the army and fighting the enemy on the frontlines with Mina Ashiro.

Kafka meets a Kaiju who transforms him into a humanoid Kaiju. Kafka is currently trying to hide his newfound abilities and pursue his childhood dream of becoming a participant in Japan’s Kaiju Protection Corps. Kaiju No. Manufacturing I.G is also giving 8 an anime adaptation. It is expected that the movie will premiere sometime next year.

9. Parayte

Parasyte by HitoshiIwaaki is a highly acclaimed sci-fi manga about Shinichi Izumi (high schooler) who is tricked into becoming a parasite animal called Migi. Migi begins a codependent relationship by taking Shinichi’s ideal arm. However, Migi fails to completely take over Shinichi’s body. The result is an odd-couple relationship between them as they fight other bloodsuckers. Parasyte is unusual, gross, and sometimes remarkably heartfelt.

10. Neverland: The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland by Kaiu and Posuka Shirai, as well as the musician Posuka Dezu is one of the most outstanding horror mangas of the last decade. It follows the lives of a group of children living at Grace Field House, an orphanage in a dystopian future. When they learn the truth behind the “college graduations,” their older sisters and brothers have, the children’s carefree lives begin to unravel. They are just livestock-esque brands and the time spent evaluating their mental determination was to make them food for the eldritch creatures living beyond their substance. The Assured Neverland will never require Chicken Run anime.
What follows is a game involving double-crossing, lies, double-crossing and mind games. Its major characters Emma, Ray and Norman set up a jailbreak in their orphanage. The Assured Neverland anime’s first season is a perfect adaptation. I recommend that you watch the manga and not the second. CloverWorks chose to speedrun the source material and skip 60 chapters of the manga. This includes the fan-favorite Goldy Fisher pond arc. Yeesh.

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