Splatoon 3 Announces New Kraken Special and Fresh Season Content

Splatoon 3 shows what’s in the Fresh Season. The Chill Season is fast approaching its end.

Splatoon3 has just wrapped up its Chill Season. They have now revealed some new content, including the Kraken’s special ability. Splatoon3 also will see the Wave 1 release of its Expansion Pass at the same time. Fans will be able to enjoy a variety of new items starting on March 1.

Splatoon‘s predecessor published regular version updates, but they did not follow a fixed schedule. Splatoon3 is a modern shooter that uses a seasonal approach to its updates. This includes rotating emotes, gear, and decorations.

The Splatoon 3 team has been fairly quiet about the next season. New images show several updates to the game and a video that shows the Kraken Royale returning Kraken special. The Kraken Royale’s new Kraken Royale Special has not been revealed yet. It will be part of the Krak-On Roller or.96 Gal kits along with Beakons or Splash Wall.

If you’re not familiar with the Kraken it was a special available in Splatoon but didn’t return for Splatoon. Splatoon III has been bringing back specials, stages, and events from Splatoon I since its launch. Manta Maria, as well as an unidentified stage, will return to the Fresh Season.

Along with a multitude of new weapon sets, the image appears to be teasing new music. Fans were also intrigued to see a “jukebox”, as data miners have previously found a similar device in the game. New tracks are very likely to be added, but the ability to select music in the lobby or vote for it during a battle is likely to be welcomed by most gamers.

Last but not least, the object with the faces is the one that puzzles the fans. While it appears that this might be a new special added to the game’s gameplay, what it is and its function is still unknown. Nintendo has confirmed that they will continue to reveal information about the upcoming season over the coming days, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out.

gamers will soon be busy as they search through a new catalog to unlock all of the game’s features. New weapons, gear, and Tableturf Cards should keep players busy from March 1.

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