Restoring the Lost: Could Jewelry Bonney Be the Key to Recovering Kuma’s Memory in One Piece?

Bonney is working hard to restore her father’s humanity. However, the steps she’s taking to get there might make it harder.

The following contains spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1074, “MK. III,” written by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul & Vanessa Satone. The English version is available at Viz Media.

Jewelry Bonney went to Egghead with only one purpose. She wants Dr. Vegapunk to transform her father Bartholomew Kuma into a cyborg to restore humanity. The discovery of Kuma’s memories is a major milestone for her. However, this may bring its own set.

Kuma isn’t storing his memories on a drive, or something compact like that. He used Paw-Paw to remove the memories from the body using a giant bubble. He could transport them, but there’s no way for anyone else to do it. Then again, that would leave the question open as to how to get them back into her father. Bonney is willing to try this method. Perhaps in classic One Piece fashion, there’s a way for her to bring these memories to her father to restore his humanity.

Bonney – How Can Bonney Regain Kuma’s Memories?

There are several methods to help Kuma regain his memories. The first way is to bring Kuma with you to Egghead. He will then be able to enter the bubble that holds all his memories. Kuma currently climbs the Red Line for unknown reasons, so this option is unlikely to come true.

Kuma will not be allowed to enter the bubble. Instead, the bubble will be taken to Kuma. Bonney must enter the bubble and absorb the memories. This process has already begun. Bonney’s entire contents should be expelled if this goes as planned. This would make her the compact vehicle for her dad’s memories.

Bonney could get Kuma’s memories out of Egghead but she still has to find a way to give them back to their original owner. She would need Kuma’s powers to remove the memories from Bonney and allow him to bring them back into her mind. Whether Kuma has the cognizance to request someone not connected with the World Government is a matter of debate. Vegapunk might be able simply to command him to do it if he has an Authority Chip from the Seraphim. It should be possible to determine whether the Former warlord has any free will to leave when it’s revealed why they’re climbing the Red Line.

Bonney might also question whether Bonney is trying to give Kuma these memories. Her true purpose in taking in these memories was not to give them back to Kuma. It was to help her understand him better. All her efforts to understand him may be wasted if she returns the memories. This is impossible unless she can somehow recall reading Kuma’s memories. She can then return them to their owner, and her character can be kept intact.

Bonney’s goal in any case is exhaustive. Her task is to look at all of Kuma’s memories, even those that are painful. Even if she’s familiar with the technical procedure of returning memories to their owners but the owner is in a place where it’s difficult to reach, which makes it even more challenging. If she wants to reunite with her father in person, it will take time, effort, and determination.

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