‘Captain Britain’ Writer Tini Howard Explores Betsy Braddock’s Origins and Family Dynamics

Tini Howard teases Betsy Braddock (her brother Brian) and Rachel (her girlfriend Rachel) in Betsy Braddock.

Captain Britain returned home triumphantly after the war on Otherworld. But, not everyone is pleased with her return. BETSY BRADDOCK. CAPTAIN BRITAIN. Betsy Braddock has set up shop on Braddock Isle with her brothers Jamie and Brian. However, there is controversy over Betsy’s decision to assume the mantle. Reuben Brousseau just one of the many threats she will have to face is part of a conspiracy against her. Luckily, she’ll have her trusted partner Rachel Summers – AKA Askani – by her side whenever things get difficult.

Marvel.com: BETSY BRADDOCK: CAPTAIN WOMAN Tini Howard discussed what lies ahead for Rachel, Rachel, and Captain Britain Corps. She was happy to welcome new readers, and she also shared some favorite throwbacks about her EXCALIBUR. She also expressed her appreciation for Vasco’s work, promising Betsy “more baggage” and much more.

MARVEL.COM BETSY BRADDOCK is CAPTAIN BRITAIN #1, picking up from your KNIGHTS FOR X run. What would you tell a reader to keep them on track for the new series debut?

TINI HEAR: This one is for our new friends. If you’re new, or just a Captain Britain enthusiast who hasn’t kept up with the Krakoan X–Men era of Captain Britain, then come on in. Folks who enjoyed KNIGHTS OF X will be excited to see the aftereffects of the war in Otherworld, Captain Britain’s emancipation from the Roma/Saturnyne/Merlyn triangle, and how they come into play here. While you don’t need all that information to enjoy this story, we’ll be seeing how the plot moves beneath the surface.

MARVEL.COM. What BETSY BRADDOCK: CAPTAIN BRITAIN character were you most in love with as soon as you started to work on the series?

TINI HEARARD: I have always loved writing about Braddocks. Part of the joy in this book is being able to see them together at home. I wouldn’t say they had to learn from me but the members S.T.R.I.K.E. Writing about them has been an enjoyable experience. I have the privilege of getting to play with their personalities.

MARVEL.COM. Once more, the Braddocks all live under one roof. How has their dynamic changed since the last time they were in this position?

TINI HOWARD It’s so funny. Brian and Rachel used to live together at the lighthouse back in the Excalibur times, so it’s quite amusing to see them again as Brian’s girlfriend. Rachel finds herself always hanging out with Captain Britain.

All the siblings now live together. There’s also a computer in the basement. Vasco created a wonderful shot in the first issue. It has just that Full House energy.

MARVEL.COM. Betsy and Rachel are officially back in Marvel Universe. How will their relationship be affected by the jump to Earth-616

TINI HOARD: They are now living together in England. I don’t know if the couple decided to do this officially. It was probably a sleepover that never ended. Girls who are attracted to other girls…we do it sometimes. Rachel, as Askani now holds a strong place in Captain Britain’s world that allows her freedom to work, without being manipulated or manipulated by other magic investors. It’s love, that makes the team-up possible. Good stuff.

REUBEN Brousseau is still up for no good. This time, he’s got an ally. How worried should we be about Captain Britain Corps?

TINI HOARD: Reuben was just one of many powerbrokers out to take Betsy down. We’ll be learning more about who and why as the series goes on and things get more serious. Things have gotten very serious since issue #4.

MARVEL.COM. Tell us about your experience with Vasco Georgia. What surprised or pleased you about the book he contributed?

TINIHOOD: This was my first time working with Vasco. I love it. Captain Britain has had one phenomenal artist after the other during my time there. Betsy lovers are pretty spoilt by these amazing artists these days so it was a big task, and Vasco delivers. Vasco brings life and energy to Braddock Manor. I love working alongside him.

MARVEL.COM. In this issue, we meet several Captain Britains. Apart from the original Captain Britain, which one was you most fond of and why?

TINI HEAD: Though she isn’t in the issue, I love the Violet Swan. She’s Captain Britain, and she’s also an excellent psychic bird. Betsy may be a “mean” psychic bird, so it works.

MARVEL.COM. Tell us what you are most excited for readers to read in BETSY BRADDOCK CAPTAIN BRITAIN 1!

TINI HARMONY: Betsy, Rachel, and Captain Britain’s rise in Marvel Multiverse are all highlights.

MARVEL.COM. Captain Britain’s history is long and complex. What do we hope BETSYBRADDOCK’s CAPTAIN BRITAIN legacy adds?

TINI HOWARD: Oh, more baggage, certainly–emotionally and literally. She just moved home and now needs all her outfits.

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