Splatoon Influenced Super Nintendo World’s Concept, Confirms Shigeru Miyamoto

Super Nintendo World concentrates on Mario, however, Shigeru Mishmoto revealed that there had been discussions about Splatoon.

Super Nintendo World now opens in Universal Studios Hollywood. While it’s wonderful to walk through a warp pipe into a place dominated by Mario makes the experience even more memorable. Mario essentially represents Nintendo. It’s no surprise then that this is where the spotlight should be.

Game Rant wanted to know why Nintendo decided to place this Mario center during a recent interview with Shigeru and Shinya Miyamoto at Super Nintendo World. You should note that there are some hidden features in the theme park, such as a Pikmin resemblance, but overall it’s all Super Nintendo World.

Miyamoto acknowledged that Super Nintendo World is not the same as Mario World, but explained that this was due to Miyamoto having a more focused approach than being scattered.

“There was talk about adding another IP like Splatoon. We thought it would be best not to scatter our efforts. Instead of making something scattered, we decided to focus on one thing and make something high quality and good. Mario was our choice, so that’s how we started.

Splatoonis super popular Nintendo IP. Imagine it in an interactive amusement park. Many Nintendo fans desire to see Zelda Pokemon or Pikmin get similar treatment. But, since the goal was to be specific, Mario is the right choice. Mario has appeared on all Nintendo consoles. Mario is now leading the company on the movie front. Fans want to see other Nintendo IPs treated similarly, however.

Nintendo and Universal Studios might someday incorporate elements of Splatoon into one of the Super Nintendo World stores around the globe. Super Nintendo World’s potential expansion is great, however, there are no confirmed plans. Super Nintendo World Japan currently has a Donkey Kong expansion. It is expected to open in 2024. The expansion will offer a rollercoaster, food, and other amenities. A similar attraction would be welcome in Hollywood. However, it might be difficult because Hollywood has a smaller land area than Osaka. However, starting with Mario is a good idea. We can always expand the park in the future.

Super Nintendo World is open now.

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