What If…? cosplay captures the incredible strength of Infinity Ultron in Marvel’s alternate universe.

You can see a series more photos at What If …? Infinity Ultron (from the animated Marvel series) brought to life through beautiful, creepy cosplay.

Infinity Ultron’s power can be seen in these photos, which feature a wonderfully designed but also eerie What If cosplay.

Reddit post by u/MHCreativeGrain. This first photo shows MHCreativeGrain in his costume. His cape is blowing in wind. MHCreativeGrain is seen in the second photograph looking like Vision. It squints at his camera. The last photos are a little different. They include the Infinity Stones as well as the helmet’s eyes glowing. These elements add to the creepiness and MHCreativeGrain holding Infinity Ultron’s double-headed lance.

The WhatIf …? Director Bryan Andrews discussed the kinds of stories the upcoming second and third seasons of Marvel’s animated series will contain in 2022. Andrews disclosed that Marvel Studios President & Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige wanted “a little closer at the vest” with the first season. This was done by having one small element be distinct and impactful on others but still tied to a specific movie or a moment from the movie. Andrews noted that has more Marvel Cinematic Universe films than ever before and therefore the production team does not have to spend “just a minute.”

“We can extend out and things might get a little wilder,” he said. “We step it up in season two, and then we go even wilder in season three. Season two will feature new characters that we haven’t seen before. We will also see how these characters integrate with some old favorites. There’s so much to look at and I can’t wait for people’s reactions.

Marvel Studios Head of Animation Brad Winderbaum mentioned that Season 3 would allow Marvel Studios “go a lot deeper with these people,” including The Watcher. Winderbaum added, “It’s a Multiverse story, they’re standalone stories. But there’s a serialized aspect because there’s this narrator (he loves the subjects of these tales, he’s the ultimate fanboy). “He’s looking, like all of us. He loves these characters just like we do. We can learn more about what makes him tick in season two and the third season. This allows us to get to understand his humanity.

Season 2, which will air on Disney+, is scheduled to premiere in 2023.

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