Stranger Things Season 5 Set to Begin Filming in Summer

David Harbour, Stranger Things star, confirms that production on the fifth and final seasons will start in the summer.

The Stranger Things star David Harbour promised that the series’ fifth season and final will begin filming this summer.

Harbour confirmed the news during the Middle East Film & Comic Con. He added, “We are walking into Season 5m.” “I have a few more weeks to train. But, that season will start in June. Harbour gave fans an indication of what to expect from Detective Jim Hopper in his fifth season. He explained that he did extensive training for Season 4. “He [Hopper] had to be in a specific place, the Russian prison. It was about making him change and sort of shedding some of his self-worth, both physically and mentally. He is now back in America, and they have cheeseburgers.

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Harbour, who played Jim Hopper in Stranger Things premiered in 2016, has stayed with the show along with the other original cast members. Harbour revealed in 2022 his plan for handling the intensive shooting schedule between the season finale of Stranger Things and Marvel Studios Thunderbolts. In this final season, Harbour will play the role of Red Guardian in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Harbour stated that “it’s going to be crazy.” “It’s gonna have to be back-and-forth with me. They’ll need to share my thoughts. It’s sort of like, I don’t know how they’re doing this, but it’s a two-week on, one-week off, two weeks on, two more weeks off, or something similar where I would go back to back.”

Stranger Things Season 5 Coming Soon

Harbour has confirmed Season 5’s schedule of shooting, but Finn Wolfhard confirmed it will be released in February. Wolfhard stated in an interview, “I will have 22 years old by the time [ Stranger ThingsSeason 5″ comes out. I think I started working at 12 and began work on this show at 12. That is incredible. This would mean that the fifth season will be released in 2025.

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This was only one month after Wolfhard discussed his thoughts regarding the future direction of the series. He said that Stranger Things would not last more than five seasons. “I think that the Duffers brothers managed to create a perfect ending in five. We didn’t even know if there would be two. So, we’re happy that people are still watching it.

The news that Stranger Things Season 5 will be it’s last has led to speculation about possible spinoff properties. The Stranger Things writers have previously discredited the claim that an Eleven-centric spinoff show was in development, simply labeling this report as “[n]ottrue.”

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