Los Angeles Erupts in Laughter as The Joker Sparks a Riot

The Los Angeles riot involving The Joker shows how flexible the Clown Prince is. This sets him apart from other DC Universe villains.

The following contains spoilers for The Jeker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing#6, which is available now from DC Comics.

The Joker has been a popular villain in comics. The Clown Prince of Crime was a Batman character from the beginning. He has had to go through as much evolution, change, and adaptation as his constant foe – gradually becoming a more frightening figure. Although other media versions of Joker are more endearing, the comic-book version has a new and fun take on the Joker.

Joker, The Man Who Never Stopped Laughing #6 (by Matthew Rosenberg. Carmine Di Giandomenico. Arif Pirianto. Tom Napolitano). The Joker starts a violent riot, which most stories would not take seriously. This issue is played largely for fun by the creative team behind it, who make it a comedy rather than a horror story. This issue is a great reminder that the Joker can be a versatile character.

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The Joker Returns to Gotham With an Explosive Escape

The plot in The Joker – The Man Who Has Never Stopped Laughing has been largely dramatic. There were moments of dark comedy and some light humor. But the series has been a character study of a mysterious man, who believes himself to be the Joker. However, when he learns that his counterpart is now on the streets and it’s proving difficult to get him down, he decides to return home. But, he starts an attack on LA. He sets off to destroy multiple police precincts, starting a riot. Joker initially finds this turn of events pleasing and has a private jet waiting to fly him from the chaos. It turned out that, his henchmen, sent the plane to LAX.

This hilarious story follows the Joker as he attempts to navigate Los Angeles in the face of his fears, even though he is aware that he has set off a match. An idea like this could have many possibilities. The comic could incorporate the horror elements that made its predecessor and even its earlier issues, or it could go the other way. It could be a thrilling action story, with Joker always striving to be one step ahead. It could even have been dramatized, with the focus on how a city, unconditioned to supervillains, deals with such an attack. Instead, it plays up chaos for a pure dark comedy packed with punchlines and death — and it works.

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DC Made the Joker More Fun

The Joker is a multifaceted character. The Joker can switch between funny, scary, pathetic, and frightening in a single scene. This is partially why his adaptability and endurance in pop culture. The Joker’s ability to incite fear has been the focus of much of the Joker’s work over the last decade. Joker stories usually focus on how terrifying the character can be and his ability, with one plan, to cause chaos in entire cities or simply pop up out of nowhere. The Joker, The Man Who Stopped Laughing #6 offered a breather with its central concept.

He complains about traffic but is impressed to see the chaos of LA. He is reluctantly led to take photos with a Batman-clad guy on Sunset Boulevard. They entertain unassuming tourists until “Batman” decides enough is enough. Even his attempt to take a taxi fails comically. Joker stories like these help to differentiate him from other remorseless serial killings in Gotham. It gives him a personality other villains like Professor Pyg, Zsasz, or others cannot match. The bizarre depth of character offered by a very simple villain is one of his reasons for being so compelling. Joker has a great sense of humor, something that’s been missing in modern stories.

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