Disney Executive Announces a Brand-New Avengers Team Set to Join the MCU

Bob Iger, Disney CEO, and President confirm the arrival of a new Avengers team in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Bob Iger from Disney has confirmed that there will be a new Avengers roster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Iger made mention of this change to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes during his presentation at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference. He said that while there are no problems with Marvel, Disney “just [has] the [has] to] look at what stories and characters [it’s] extracting” for future projects. “If you take a look at Marvel’s trajectory for the next five years, there will be a lot of newnesses,” Iger said. “We’re going back to the Avengers brand with a new set of Avengers. Iger didn’t name any characters to be included on the new roster.

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The MCU has a long history of major changes. Stephen Broussard of Marvel Studios had previously commented on the subject. He indicated that he thought that Phase 4’s meta-narrative was focused on newer characters, passing on mantles and focusing on newer characters. Broussard explained, “If you look at Cassie [Lang Quantumania] being given a suit and Kate Bishop[in Hawkeye], then new characters are introduced like Jack [in Werewolf by Night].” Torches are being passed now that Marvel’s first ten years have been completed. Robert Downey Jr. and others like him no longer sit at the table. It was almost as if a new generation had risen to the forefront, something that, again, has always taken place in the comics.

Who Will Make it to Kang Dynasty and Beyond

Avengers. The Kang Dynasty journalist Jeff Loveness teased at some characters, including Yelena Belova, and Kang the Conqueror (played respectively by Florence Pugh-Jonathan Majors and Letitia Wing), but didn’t go into much detail. Loveness also hinted that Daredevil may be in this film, as well as discussed why the Fantastic Four will not be. Marvel Studios has yet to confirm that any of these former characters will play a role in The Kang Dynasty.

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A report recently claimed that Doctor Strange would be one of its villains. As with Daredevil, Moon Knight, and other potential characters appearing in The Kang Dynasty, no official statement was made.

Avengers The Kang Dynasty opens May 2, 2025, in theaters

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