The Flash: Details Surface About the Film’s Original, Abandoned Story

Jonathan Goldstein (left) and John Francis Daley (right) share their original, smaller-scale vision for the DC film The Flash.

The Flash’s upcoming superhero film has big implications for DC and the shared movie universe. John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein were the directors of The Scarlet Speeder’s first solo film.

Goldstein and Daley shared their vision of The Flash during an interview with Variety. Daley stated, “We pitched the idea that a ground-level superhero where doesn’t necessarily end–of–the–world stakes.” “He’s still learning his powers, but he is also somewhat dysfunctional in his life. The more imperfect we can make a superhero, the better. But that’s also the challenge.

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Why Goldstein-Daley Left The Flash

Goldstein and Daley also shared their thoughts on why they decided to leave The Flash. The filmmaking duo had dinner with Ezra Miller before they started writing the script. Goldstein said Miller was very bright and intense. “Later, they decided that they did not want to do the same thing. Flash had a notoriously turbulent production. many writers, directors, and other staff were attached at different points to the project, including Goldsteins and Daley.

Warner Bros. Pictures was looking at Goldstein and Daley for The Flash both to write and direct in 2018. In 2019, it was discovered that Miller was cowriting a version of the movie’s script with Grant Morrison. Warner Bros. ultimately rejected Miller’s script and Morrison’s. However, Goldstein was able to see the problem and left the project.

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Daley shared that many creative differences between the two of them made it clear that it was time to leave. “We’re not going win the battle if we feel like the powers that be aren’t excited about making this movie the same as us. Goldstein explained, “It’s better not to lose heart and just get out of here.” Flash Andy Muschietti directed Flash using a screenplay by Christina Hodson. Joby Halpert, Goldstein, Daley, and Daley also received story credits.

Goldstein & Daley recently had the opportunity to screen Flash. While much has changed, they were still capable of seeing the essence of their original vision in this final film. Goldstein explained that “they took what we had begun and went with it and made the movie a very enjoyable and emotional movie.” “We’re very happy with how it all turned.”

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Barry Allen is the Universe’s Breaker in The Flash

Flash follows Barry Allen/The Flash/Miller as he attempts to stop his mother’s murder. However, he accidentally creates a ripple effect in the DC Universe that changes everything. Barry’s actions create an environment where General Zod (“Michael Shannon”) is alive, well, and bent on global dominance. Barry joins forces, along with an alternate version of himself and Kara Zor El/Supergirl (Sasha Calle), to save the globe. The film loosely takes inspiration from the 2011 limited series Flashpoint that helped to reboot DC’s comics universe.

After several years of development, Flash is finally set to be released in theaters in this summer. However, it’s been a long and difficult road. Miller’s controversial legal issues have caused controversy. Warner Bros. continues to release the film even though Miller’s complex mental illness is causing him difficulty. Notably Flash is a story that has important implications for DC’s long-term future. It also seems to have impressed test audiences.

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Goldstein & Daley are familiar with superhero projects. The two co-wrote the 2017 Marvel Cinematic Universe feature Spider-Man. The Dungeons & Dangers: Honour Among Thieves release is fast approaching for the duo. Goldstein and Daley directed D&D, a film they co-wrote along with Michael Gilio.

The Flash Races into Theaters on June 16.

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