Following in the Footsteps of Hogwarts Legacy: The Smart Strategy for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga’s Successor

Recent reports confirmed that TT Games had canceled a few of its projects. The company now focuses on a LEGO Harry Potter title.

TT Games, which has been in control of the LEGO video game industry for almost 20 years, has released countless licensed titles – from LEGO Star Wars to LEGO Batmanto LEGO Marvel. The LEGO Star Wars 2022’s most recent release was LEGO Star Wars. This title paved the way for a new era of large-scale and open-world LEGO titles. And it appears that TT Games is already hard at work on their next game, a larger-scale title based on the Harry Potter franchise.

A Nintendo Life report suggests that a few projects from TT Games are being canceled. Only a Skywalker Saga survived. Although there was potential for some of these ideas, it is clear that TT Games might have exhausted its resources too quickly. Therefore, focusing only on a new LEGO Harry Potter title seems like a smart decision right now.

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TT Games is Smart To Focus On Harry Potter Now

A Nintendo Life report has revealed that four of the most prominent projects have been canceled by TT Games. These cancellations include a LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy gaming title, which was reported to have been in production for 18 months. Also, there is a Diablo similar Disney game that features characters from the company’s entire history. The report claims that a new Lego Batman game as well as a Mandalorian narrative for Star Wars The Skywalker Saga were also put on hold.

Although there are many reasons why these cancelations occurred, Nintendo Life suggests the largest reason was to invest more resources in the development of the LEGO Harry Potter series. Nintendo Life reports that this game is being designed at a similar level to The Skywalker Saga. It also mentions that there are multiple open-world missions, hundreds of characters, and that the game will be available in many languages.

It is probably a very smart choice to put all resources into a new Harry Potter gaming experience. Despite all the controversy around it, the Hogwarts Legacy has had an incredible sales performance. It sold more than 12,000,000 copies in its first 2 weeks and has continued to do so ever since. The Harry Potter IP remains incredibly lucrative. Warner Bros. may want to capitalize on this success as much as possible. This could mean that TT Games will be under pressure to produce a Harry Potter gaming title.

While some of these cancellations may have been motivated by a desire to make money on the latest trends in gaming, TTGames is not interested in making any publisher’s pressures. The studio will continue to work hard to create the best LEGO Harry Potter title it can. TT Games released a few behind scenes videos of Star Wars before its release. These videos showcased the passion of the team towards the Star Wars IP. That’s why Skywalker Saga felt fun to use. It was clear that this was a game made by fans, for fans. Fans can trust that the team behind the new Lego Harry Potter is just as passionate as TT Games.

LEGO Star Wars can be downloaded for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch,, or Xbox One.

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