How The Flash Will Bring Back the Original Super Sons of DC Comics

Jeremy Adams, the writer of both The Flash ongoing series and DC’s animated Super Sons movie, teases that the sidekicks and speedster will cross paths.

The Flash creator Jeremy Adams hints that a Super Sons crossover is planned for the show.

On Twitter, the creator requested fans to respond “Who would like to see a picture from [ The Flash#797?” In a subsequent tweet, “It’s one of the first images [artist Serg Acuna] sent my way.” The story was written by Adams and drawn by Acuna, Flash #797 will come out in April 2023. The story is a “super-speed misadventure,” where Kid Flash/Wallace West is a babysitter for Jai, Irey West, and the Flash Wally West children. Adams shared artwork by Robin Damian Wayne and Superboy Jon Kent in a deleted tweet. But, it’s still available on Instagram at the time of the writing. This means that these two little Super Sons will be appearing in the Flash issue.

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An animated DC film featuring Super Sons, starring Super Sons

Adams has had experience with Super Sons already. While writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Jorge Jimenez are the creative brains behind DC’s first Super Sons comic series that debuted in 2017, Adams scripted the animated film Batman as well as Superman: Battle of the Super Sons released in 2022. The film follows Superman/Clark Kent’s son Jon who joins forces with Batman/Bruce Wayne’s Damian to stop Starro, the Conqueror to stop him from taking over Earth.

What isn’t known, however, is which version of the Super Sons will appear in The Flash #797. The solicitation for the issue states “It’s an extremely fast misadventure babysitting as Flash observes Jai, Irey, and some new acquaintances from all over space and time!” If a sleepover turns out to be a disaster, Ace has to bring back the twins, Maxine, and a handful of new acquaintances from across space and time!” There are many possibilities for the identities of the Super Sons might be. It could be Jon or Damian’s younger versions of the comic DC Universe or the same versions that Adams used in Battle of the Super Sons.

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DC Reboots Flash’s Solo Series

Adams already showed an interest and capability to travel across time and into the Multiverse during his time in Flash. For example, his first episode began by sending Wally West on a Quantum Leap-like journey through the bodies of different speedsters and eventually landed his hero within the Super Friends cartoon universe. Adams is now ready to create a Flash or Super Sons crossover is also running out, being that the publication of Flash #800 is the final issue of his series. The Flash will relaunch in Sep. 2023 with the writer Simon Spurrier and artist Mike Deodato attached as The Flash’s primary creative team.

Alongside Adams and Acuna, The Flash #797 features main and variant cover art from Taurin Clarke, as well as variant covers created by Francis Manapul, Daniele Di Nicuolo, and Yasmin Flores Montanez. The issue will be available for sale on April 18 at DC Comics.

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