One Piece Explains Why Sanji’s Eyebrows Have Changed Over Time

Eiichiro Oda put to rest speculations among fans about Sanji’s shifting eyes with a definitive solution to one of the manga’s latest mysteries.

Sanji’s iconic curly eyebrows are moving throughout the most recent One Piece chapters Fans now know why.

According to an article from Anime Dork, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda recently opened up on the Straw Hat cook’s brow changes and has confirmed that their shift in appearance is planned and crucial in the character’s arc. Sanji’s right eyebrow had been spiraling at the outer end of the show. However, chapter 1031 witnessed it flip to the inner end like his Germa66 siblings. In chapter 1044, Sanji’s brow returned to its traditional place, much to the confusion of some readers, but Oda has since cleared it up by saying that the spiral is a reflection of Sanji’s greater transformation in his fight against Queen, which triggered the awakening of his latent superhuman abilities.

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In the Whole Cake Island arc, viewers learn that Sanji was born into the notorious Vinsmoke family and that his father, Vinsmoke Judge, performed experiments transforming his children into super soldiers. While both Sanji and One Piece fans believed that the cook never manifested the powers he had acquired as well as the emotional numbness that comes with them, during his fight against Beast Pirate lead performer Queen, Sanji unlocked those abilities during the heat of battle and was recently depicted in the animated. Sanji’s character also changed as he became more brutal and colder than his brothers. This was evident in his battle with S-Shark during the ongoing Egghead Island anime arc.

There May Be More To Learn About Sanji

The brows of Sanji’s fans who were watching from the sidelines alter in line with his character while fighting Jimbe Seraphim, highlighting Oda’s declaration about the reason for their new design. Since Luffy’s appearance alters when he uses Gear powers to enhance his appearance Sanji’s eyebrows could be a sign that Luffy the Straw Hat chef is using his Germa 66 abilities. Oda encouraged readers to continue to keep an eye on Sanji’s story, even though there’s changed a lot in Sanji’s psychology. This suggests that there could be more to discover about the character before the story ends.

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Fans can keep following Sanji and the other members of the Straw Hat crew in the One Piece manga which is available in English from VIZ Media. The anime is also back after a hiatus of three weeks, with Episode 1054 titled “Death To Your Partner!” Crunchyroll is bringing Killer’s Deadly Game!

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