One Piece’s Weevil Gets a Daring New Look in This Inspired Gender-Swapped Cosplay

One Piece’s Weevil also known as Whitebeard Jr. gets new style in this stunning genderswapped cosplay from a Straw Hat Pirates megafan.

This cosplay captures the essence’s Weevil and gives him the most amazing gender-neutral appearance.

Reddit user Kappy_w has posted her own Edward Weevil rendition on the website. This self-proclaimed son and Strongest Man in the World Edward Newgate were recently displayed by Kappy_w, a cosplayer. Kappa’s unique cosplay is overall that are secured by chains and Weevil’s personal Jolly Roger across the front. To give her long, bushy hair a more organized and well-maintained look, she wears a large blonde wig. The most iconic elements of Weevil’s look are also visible by using makeup, for example, his scars and nose-plaster.

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Her portrayal of the character garnered a lot of support from the comments. One commenter had a negative view of her dental work, stating that “the teeth were a wonderful touch.” Another called attention to her makeup and commented, “Awesome job with the marks.” A handful of Reddit users also commented on the rarity of Weevil cosplay. Very well done.” The whole comment section is filled with similar compliments and support.

Changing up Weevil’s Look

Kappy made a post in the comments to voice her opinions. One major change was the mustache, which she uniquely fashioned into eyebrows. Kappy posted a link to her Instagram page (@kappy_w) which featured an image of her stunning costume, with progress shots and photos of her makeup. This page also showcases other One Piece cosplays, such as Sanji, Chopper, and Pappag along with non-One-Pet characters, for example, Emily of Corpse Bride and Inouske from Demon Slayer.

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One Piece is a popular anime series that has been a pillar of Weekly Shonen Jump since its beginning. The series is a story of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, The Straw Hat Pirates, as they hunt for the hidden treasures of the famous Pirate, Gold Roger -the treasure that is called the “One Piece.”

Crunchyroll offers anime in Japanese. The One Piece Netflix live-action adaptation will be available sometime in 2023.

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