Master of Disguise: Batman Illustrator Unveils an Exceptional Joker Cosplay at Comic-Con

At the Madrid Comic Pop-Up, Batman artist Jorge Jimenez dresses up as Joker Joker and poses for photos along with Punchline cosplayer fans, creators, and fans.

Batman Jorge Jimenez moves from drawing the Joker to becoming the villain.

At the weekend’s Madrid Comic Pop-Up, the most-loved DC illustrator, credited with other titles like Super Sons and Justice League, dressed in the role of the Clown Prince of Crime himself. He also was at the convention alongside a Punchline cosplayer with the actor. Photos posted on Twitter show Jimenez in an all-purple suit, bright green shirt, and purple bowtie while wearing Joker makeup as well as dyed green hair. As he signed autographs and sketched out sketches, the artist wore the outfit and snapped pictures with his fans.

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Jimenez and his former creative partner, James Tynion IV, James Tynion IV, were photographed together. Tynion began his tenure on DC’s ongoing Batman series with Batman#85 as well as Jimenez was Batman’s principal artist for the “Joker War” event as well as the following issues. Up until the team’s joint run was concluded with Batman issue #117 The two created new characters for the Batman mythos that included Punchline (the Joker’s new love interest), Clownhunter, and Ghost-Maker.

Although Tynion quit the series to concentrate on creator-owned comics Jimenez’s last issue of Batman’s solo comic was not Batman#117. After a few months away from the book in the writing of Joshua Williamson, Jimenez rejoined Batman as the series’ main artist alongside writer Chip Zdarsky. Zdarsky and Jimenez started their run together as a creative team with Batman Batman 125 which is the start of the title’s “Failsafe series.

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Batman is pitting the Dark Knight against a Robotic Nemesis

Batman has to face Failsafe, a computer Batman created by Bruce Wayne. Failsafe was invented by Bruce Wayne’s alternate character, Batman of Zur-En-Arrh. Batman of Zur-En-Arrh to protect him if the hero ever went rogue and began killing other people. When the Penguin claimed to be dead and framed Batman for murder Failsafe was activated to take down the Caped Crusader.

After the “Failsafe” series ends with Batman #130, Jimenez will be taking time off from the Batman title for a second time. From Batman #131 until Batman #134, artist Mike Hawthorne will be filling in for Jimenez as the series artist. DC Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee revealed at New York Comic Con 2022 that Batman will receive new variant covers drawn by Joe Quesada (ex-Marvel Editor-in-Chief) specifically designed for Batman 131 as well as Batman 1132.

As of writing, Batman #130 is the next issue planned to release from the title. The issue is scheduled to be released in December. 6, from DC Comics, with Zdarsky as the writer and Jimenez as the artist.

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