One Piece Chapter 1078’s Latest Reveal Brings New Complications

It was discovered that the traitor among the Vegapunks is a person who plays a significant role among them. It is hard to confront them.

This article contains spoilers from One Piece Chapter 1078, “Escape Limit,” written by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone. Viz Media

Perhaps the biggest event of One Piece Chapter 1078, “Escape Limit,” was the unveiling of the traitor among the Vegapunks. It was revealed that it was York the Greedy who has been setting up Egghead’s activities for the last three months. This is made difficult by the involvement of York the Greedy. if it were any other Vegapunk, even Stella.

If it was any other Vegapunks, the solution might have been simple. The Straw Hats could let them go to their fate or end their lives. This may be similar to the way Kanjuro Kurozumi was dealt with. It would not be a major loss should one of the Vegapunks is killed. York, however, has an important role in the Satellites.

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York isn’t responsible for analyzing or gathering data. York is instead responsible to perform all important bodily functions like eating and sleeping. This allows the other Vegapunks to continue their work uninterrupted. If she is unable to perform her duties or her satellites are unable to function, they may die from exhaustion and starvation.

The other Satellites could be able to eat and sleep on their own, but this hasn’t been confirmed. It could be a challenge for those who don’t have human anatomy. Robotic satellites like Pythagoras or Edison might require someone who can consume their food. Even if They dispose of York, Lilith, and Atlas might need to take on enough eating, and for the two of them as well as Shaka.

The original plan doesn’t change if York is needed by satellites. Seven Vegapunks from Egghead will be taken by the Straw Hats on their way to the next destination. They’ll have to take the Greedy one as their prisoner rather than their guest.

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Of course, it all is dependent on the final fate of Pythagoras and Shaka. Both seem to be murdered, but One Piece fans are accustomed to second-guessing apparent deaths and expecting a fake out. If they’re alive or can be revived Then York can get the same chance as any villain deserves. If they aren’t, York will be regarded as an unredeemable creature and granted whatever punishment she’s given.

However, what will transpire following the revelation that York was revealed to be the perpetrator of the crime is not clear. It could be that she is taken to the Thousand Sunny as a prisoner or taken in by The World Government. Or, York could be killed. Depending on how crucial her role is, however, the latter option may not be the best.

Stephen Amell Reveals the Title for the Final Flash/Arrow Crossover Event

Arrow Star Stephen Amell reveals the title for The Flash Season 9, Episode 9, which promises one final crossover between Barry and Oliver.

Arrow star Stephen Amell has revealed the title of the upcoming ninth episode of the final season of The Flash that promises one last crossover between Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Amell) and Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin).

On Twitter, Amell shared a photo of the title screen of his screener for The Flash Season 9, Episode 9, revealing that the episode’s title is “It’s My Party And I’ll Die If I Want To.” This title is a reference to pop star Lesley Gore’s 1963 song “It’s My Party,” which was released on her debut studio album I’ll Cry If I Wish To.

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In a separate post, Amell also shared what appears to be a bit of Oliver’s dialogue from an upcoming crossover episode. “Ok… Ok… Ok, Barry… Barry let go… BARRY LET GO!!!” The tweet is located below. “It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Would Like to” is directed by Danielle Panabaker from a script by Sam Chalsen and Emily Palizzi.

The Flash’s Final Run Continues

The Flash Season 9 aired six out of 13 episodes at the time of the writing. Episode 7 “Wildest Dreams” is scheduled to air on Wednesday the 29th of March. Before the season even premiered, however, it was announced that Amell would be reprising the role of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow even though Oliver was killed in the last season of Arrow a few years ago. However, his return to the role is poetic given that Flash Season 9 not only marks the conclusion of the series, however, but it also effectively concludes the Arrowverse.

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The Flashinitial was launched on The CW, in 2014. It was spun out of episodes from ArrowSeason 2. Arrow ran for eight seasons before it was canceled in January 2020. While the Flash has now lapped Arrowby a season, the Scarlet Speedster’s solo show still is determined to pay tribute to its roots when it is preparing to reach its finish line.

The CW airs new episodes of The Flash Season 9 on Wednesdays.

Inside One Piece: Delving into Vega punk’s Seraphim, Its Origins, and Capabilities

While the Seraphim are thought to be the best humankind type in One Piece, what do they look like and what can they do for humanity?

This article has spoilers regarding the One Piece Egghead Arc. It is available in English at Viz Media.

One Piece has recently solved one of the long-standing mysteries surrounding the mysterious Dr. Vegapunk. The renowned genius behind the Marines’ technologically-advanced weaponry is quite infamous in the series, largely because his inventions enable the Marines to maintain their foothold against many powerful criminal forces. Vegapunk continues to perfect his craft and creates powerful weaponry. He also studies the past and how the world functions. He loves seeking knowledge so he has created six satellites that he likes to aid him in achieving his goal. They are not his most significant invention. It’s the Seraphim.

Recently just recently, the Seraphim made their first appearance in the series. They represent human evolution, and of course, the most effective killers that the World Government has available to them. Their predecessors and the Pacifista, can’t even come close to them in a fight and they give Luffy and the others a good run for their money. They are the most convincing evidence of the genius of Vegapunk proving that even the impossible is possible. This raises the issue of what the Seraphim are and what their materials are.

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The birth of the Winged Killing Machines

The World Government’s purgings of the Seven Warlords saw the first appearances of the Seraphim. The Marines have brought S-Snake as well as S-Hawk over to Amazon Lily, as they try to take down the former Warlord Boa Hancock. The remaining Seraphim were only seen during the “Egghead” Arc when Cipher Pol 0 arrive at the island. S-Bear was brought by Seraphim in the hopes of killing Vegapunk, and his Satellites and putting it in the disguise of a delivery. As the arc progresses, S-Shark is also introduced. Edison One of Vega punk’s Satellites competes with the Seraphim against Straw Hat Pirates to collect information about battles.

There are currently there are only four Seraphim who have been added to the show, but it won’t be a surprise if there are many more in hiding. They are, after all, akin to the Warlords of the past, and there have been several notable characters who have been awarded the title. While they have the same appearance, Seraphim appear younger than their elder counterparts. They’re only just recently developed and do not have much combat experience. This is the main reason Edison pits S-Shark with the Straw Hat Pirates. This also means that the Seraphim are still far from reaching their peak.

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The reason that the Seraphim appear like old Warlords is that they are themselves. They are clones of the former Warlords similar to how Stussy is a clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy. However, unlike the former Seraphim, the Seraphim aren’t just clones of their former selves. Vegapunk also added other vital components to their arsenal that increased their power in combat. The Seraphim are the Warlord’s clones. They also possess the Lineage Factor, which is for the Lunarian Alber. Also called King of Beast Pirates, The Seraphim have blazing flames at their backs, a dark complexion, and white hair.

The Seraphim also have undergone an increase in growth rate, making them look like youngsters despite only being a couple of months old. Furthermore, the blood flowing through their veins isn’t normal red blood that is found in all animals. It’s Green Blood that also contains the Lineage Factor of Paramecia Devil Fruits, which allows Seraphim to benefit from the similar Devil Fruit power. In addition, they have the same technology as the Pacifistas. They are also able to fire laser beams whenever they want. This variety of components gives Dr. Vegapunk the confidence to call them the strongest human being. This is because Seraphim is composed of many different elements, making it expensive and time-consuming to build and maintain them. There is only a handful of them.

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The Seraphim have many abilities.

The Seraphim being the ultimate form of humanity isn’t just because the process of making them is extremely complex. Because each one of them has different abilities as well as combat abilities extraordinary. Lunarian genetics confers one of these abilities, the body. Lunarians are renowned for their endurance, and King’s battle with Zoro during the “Wano Country” Arc is proof of that. Having inherited Alber’s bloodline, the Seraphim are capable of being impervious for brief periods for a short period. As long as they have a flame, they are immune to harm.

It’s not only for fun that the Seraphim resemble Warlords. Each Seraphim is equipped with the same ability to fight as the original Warlord. For instance, S-Shark, which is an emulation of Jimbei, is also proficient in the use of Fish-Man Karate. Similar to S-Snake, she is as charming as Boa Hancock, especially when she uses her appearance to entice her opponents. Since they are also more advanced versions of Pacifista and the Seraphim are also masters in the use of laser beams that they will only employ against their opponents.

Finally, there is the Green Blood. The Green Blood is another ingenuity of Vegapunk. It’s infused with the Lineage Factor of Paramecia Devil Fruit users, which allows the Seraphim to harness certain Devil Fruit Powers without eating said Devil Fruit. Seraphim that have been modeled on Devil Fruit users, S-Snake or S-Bear, have similar Devil Fruit powers. But those who are originally not equipped with one — such as S-Shark and S’Hawk have Devil Fruit powers compatible with their combat abilities. S-Shark has Senor Pink’s Swimming-Swim Food while S-Hawk has Mr. 1’s Dice-Dice fruit.

Awe-inspiring Attack on Titan Cosplay Brings Mikasa to Life in Stunning Detail

Mikasa Ackerman’s passionate fan shows her skillful skills in the Omni-directional Maneuver Gear in an Attack on Titan cosplay.

A loyal fan showed Mikasa Ackerman’s legendary titan-slaying skill by wearing a bloody Attack on Titan cosplay.

Majorshigo who is a Reddit user shared an image of her blood-stained Mikasa costume. The costume showcased the fan-favorite character’s deadly skills with her blades as well as her multidirectional maneuvering gear. The costume itself is notably an exact recreation of Mikasa’s look from the last season of the Attack on Titan anime, as evidenced by her hair being shorter and the lack of the Survey Corps jacket. While Majorshigo spared no effort in making the costume as accurate to the show as possible, however, they deliberately swapped Mikasa’s boots in exchange for a pair of heels. The decision was explained in a post on the show’s website that they had made to show Mikasa’s height better and also to make her appear taller when standing alongside others Attack on Titan cosplayers.

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Attack On Titan fans might also be interested to see Majorshigo’s other costume designs. Their past work includes a variety of costumes based on Mikasa’s various designs from previous seasons, along with images showing how they created her omnidirectional maneuver gear using the 3D printer. Majorshigo also cosplayed many other popular female characters from Attack on Titan such as Petra Ral and Historia Reiss.

The End of the Season of Attack on Titan

Based on the manga series of the same name, Attack on Titan The Final Season adapts the last arc of the original material. It covers every event starting with Eren Yaeger’s declaration against the Global Alliance forces that led the nation of Marley to the nation of Marley and concludes with the long-awaited finale. Although Attack on Titan isn’t yet ended, fans have already been raving about the show as one of the best anime ever created and critics have praised the emotional plot and stunning animation. At the time of writing the adaptation is in the top spot of MyAnimeList’s anime rankings just ahead of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

The final season of Attack on Titan wasn’t without its issues. Many have speculated that the animation studio of Season 4 MAPPA was intentionally putting off production to capitalize on the show’s popularity. Fans have since received a series of apologies from Masafumi Mima the sound director. Mima also claimed that the new post-COVID-19 rules were a major factor in slowing down the development.

Attack On Titan can be streamed on Crunchyroll. The fall 2023 release of the second part of Attack on Titan Final Season 3 is scheduled for fall 2023.

Super Mario Bros. Movie Gives a Fresh Take on Peach’s Power-Ups

A brand-new promotional video from The Super Mario Bros. Movie features Anya Taylor-Joy’s princess Peach using the Fire Flower power-up.

A new promotion for The Super Mario Bros. Movie includes the princess Peach (Anya TaylorJoy), testing her Fire Flower power-up.

The video was posted via the official Super Mario Bros. Movie account. It begins with Princess Peach wearing her pink gown. The Fire Flower gives Princess Peach the ability to control flames and also gives her royal dress a red and white palette. As the promo ends, Peach throws a fireball toward the audience.

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The first time fans saw a glimpse of The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘s Princess Peach making use of the Fire Flower in the trailer which debuted in November. The iconic power-up has been available to Mario and his sister Luigi from the time that the Super Mario Bros. video game was released in 1985 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. However, this animated film marks the second time that Peach has used it in a Mario project. The first and, to date, the only video game where Peach can utilize the Fire Flower is Super Mario 3D World, first released on the Wii U in 2013 before being upgraded to the Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Similar to the way the Fire Flower provides characters such as Mario or Luigi the ability to change their palettes, Peach receives the power-up in Super Mario 3D World and her dress changes into white, red, and similar to the dress in Super Mario Bros. Movie. The “Fire Peach” dress isn’t the only alternative costume the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom is expected to wear in the animated movie due out shortly. In the official trailer, Peach is seen in combat wearing a pink and white racing outfit when she is riding her bike in racing games like Mario Kart Wii or Mario Kart 8.

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Princess Peach does not require saving in the Mario Movie

It is worth noting that Peach is not the damsel-in-distress in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Luigi (Charlie Day) is the one to be saved from Bowser (Jack Black). Aaron Horvath, co-director of Total Film magazine explained that “[Luigi] assumes the Princess Peach” character in the tale. Mario is trying to rescue his brother from Bowser. To achieve this, he has to embark on a thrilling adventure. That’s why Luigi is known as an anxious and nervous character who finds himself in the worst scenario facing interrogations with Bowser, and making it through the maze.”

Hovarth also pointed to the Super Mario 3D World in the film’s portrayal of Princess Peach. She is depicted as a hero, in the rights of her character. Hovarth’s co-director explained that she is the ruler of this adorable kingdom but poor Toads. “We considered how tough that person would need to be to guard these people. All of this influenced the concept of Peach’s character in our movie.”

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Hits Theaters in April

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be released in the United States Wednesday, April 5, and will then travel to Japan on April 28, Friday. The film stars Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario himself as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy star taking over the role which has for a long time been occupied by Charles Martinet and was once played by the late legendary Captain Lou Albano. The fast-moving animated feature stars the voices of Keegan-Michael Key as Toad, Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong, Sebastian Maniscalco as Foreman Spike, Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamek and Khary Payton as the Penguin King. Eric Bauza will also voice an unnamed character while Martinet is set to appear in “surprise appearances” throughout the film. In the past Taylor-Joy as well as Day starred in the roles of Princess Peach and Luigi respectively.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie opens in cinemas in the United States on April 5.

John Wick 4: New Images Show Keanu Reeves in a Colorful Predicament

New, vibrant images taken from John Wick Chapter 4 show Keanu Reeves’ infamous assassin wearing a tie, and meeting Donnie Yen’s mysterious character.

John Witt Chapter 4 teases Keanu Reeves captured in some bright new stills.

DiscussingFilm has shared two photos from the most recent installment of the John Wick story. In the first picture, Reeves’ assassin is seen in an unusually vulnerable position. He’s tied to his wrists in a well-lit room. In the second image, Wick is positioned opposite Caine (Donnie Yien) who is an unidentified blind High Table assassin. It appears that Wick is conversing with an off-screen character.

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After the tragic death of his dog in 2014’s John Wick, fans have been unable not be captivated by the legendary super-assassin. The next two installments of the series, 2017’s John Wick: Chapter 2 and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum in 2019. John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum, Wick fans have been treated to a variety of thrilling action sequences throughout John Wick’s endless pursuit to escape from the High Table. It’s the “independent film-making” approach that Reeves believes makes the world of John Wickso attractive.

John Wick: Chapter 4 is in Theaters Soon

” John Wick is a heartfelt character for the audience,” Reeves said. “Like, “Come on in!” Join us for the ride! You’re about to witness some action. It’s bound to be fun There will be guidelines, rules, and consequences, survive getting knocked down and back up. Fight for your freedom. Go against the man.'”

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John Wick: Chapter 4 is set immediately following Parabellum‘s events, with Reeves the titular assassin working with the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) to take revenge on the High Table. Wick is forced to confront familiar faces and enemies to discover the way to freedom the character longs for. Donnie Yen fought against any Asian stereotypes that were included in the role of the character. Why must he be called Shang and Chang? Why is it that he can’t be a regular person? Why must you be so common? Then there are the clothes again, mandarin collars,” Yen said. “Why are all the clothes alike?” This is a John Wick movie. Everybody’s supposed to be cool and fashionable. You shouldn’t be looking trendy.

Chapter 4 is the most significant in the John Wick franchise. It has been the most-rated installment on Rotten Tomatoes. While a fifth John Wick installment is in development the director Chad Stahelski affirmed Chapter 4 will end Wick’s story to the side for the moment. “In our heads, Keanu and I are done for the moment. We’re planning to allow John Wick to rest,” Stahelski said. I’m certain the studio has an idea. If everyone is in love and it gets a bit kooky then we’ll go for a quiet minute.”

John Wick Chapter 4 is set to open in theaters on March 24,

Report Claims Avengers: Secret Wars Is Too Big for One Film and Will Be Split Into Two

Marvel is believed to be looking into the possibility of splitting Avengers: Secret Wars into two films. One of them will be released in the yet-tobe-announced phase 7.

Avengers’ Secret Wars might be delayed for Marvel fans. Marvel Studios is reportedly in talks about splitting the superhero epic that is set to release in two films. This would delay the second half until the seventh phase.

According to Inside the Magic credible insiders have stated that Marvel Studios is reconsidering how best to release Secret Wars. One plan is to split the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie into two films. If this is the route Marvel chooses, Secret Wars Part II as well as the conclusion of the Multiverse Saga would be delayed by “a couple of years.” In February 2023 there were rumors that Marvel Studios might make the forthcoming blockbuster film into two parts. These rumors have been floating online since February 2023. Disney and Marvel Studios have yet to respond to the rumors. Avengers: Secret Wars is currently scheduled to hit the big screen on May 1, 2026.

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Avengers: Secret Wars was announced at 2022’s San Diego Comic-Con and are likely to be a direct sequel to Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. While plot details for the upcoming Avengers sequels are under wraps, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange is believed to have an antagonistic role in The Kang Dynasty. Strange is now a major player in The Multiverse Saga, with the character’s recent film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, seemingly setting up the Secret Wars storyline. The film’s closing credits scene in 2022 spoke of an imminent “incursion,” a term pulled from the 2015 Secret Wars comic book storyline that is used to describe two worlds that are about to collide. Michael Waldron is the screenwriter for Avengers. Secret Wars.

Marvel Is Focusing on Quality Over Quantity

The first three seasons of the MCU — referred to collectively as The Infinity Saga — was generally well-received by both reviewers and fans alike However, the exact opposite couldn’t be said for the recently concluded Phase 4, which received mixed reviews. Marvel Studios has reportedly been reviewing its slate, with a greater concentration on quality, and less quantity following “internal criticism” regarding Phase 4. Although it isn’t confirmed, this new commitment to delivering the highest quality product is likely to be the reason Marvel is considering breaking up Avengers: Secret Wars into two separate films and also extending The Multiverse Saga through an additional phase. This decision has already affected Echo and Ironheart as well as Agatha and the Coven of Chaos.

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Who will be the one to oversee secret conflicts?

At the moment there is no director involved in Avengers: Secret WarsShang-Chi director Destin Daniel Cretton is currently slated to helm The Kang Dynasty but is not expected to be the director of Secret Wars. Anthony and Joe Russo, who directed Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, are also not in the running to direct the sixth Avengers movie. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Its Ryan Coogler was rumored in late 2022 to have been employed, but he swiftly denied the rumors and called the rumors “crazy.” Marvel is yet to reveal the name of the director who will be in charge of Secret Wars.

Avengers: Secret Wars is scheduled to hit theaters on May 1, 2026.

One Piece Explains Why Sanji’s Eyebrows Have Changed Over Time

Eiichiro Oda put to rest speculations among fans about Sanji’s shifting eyes with a definitive solution to one of the manga’s latest mysteries.

Sanji’s iconic curly eyebrows are moving throughout the most recent One Piece chapters Fans now know why.

According to an article from Anime Dork, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda recently opened up on the Straw Hat cook’s brow changes and has confirmed that their shift in appearance is planned and crucial in the character’s arc. Sanji’s right eyebrow had been spiraling at the outer end of the show. However, chapter 1031 witnessed it flip to the inner end like his Germa66 siblings. In chapter 1044, Sanji’s brow returned to its traditional place, much to the confusion of some readers, but Oda has since cleared it up by saying that the spiral is a reflection of Sanji’s greater transformation in his fight against Queen, which triggered the awakening of his latent superhuman abilities.

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In the Whole Cake Island arc, viewers learn that Sanji was born into the notorious Vinsmoke family and that his father, Vinsmoke Judge, performed experiments transforming his children into super soldiers. While both Sanji and One Piece fans believed that the cook never manifested the powers he had acquired as well as the emotional numbness that comes with them, during his fight against Beast Pirate lead performer Queen, Sanji unlocked those abilities during the heat of battle and was recently depicted in the animated. Sanji’s character also changed as he became more brutal and colder than his brothers. This was evident in his battle with S-Shark during the ongoing Egghead Island anime arc.

There May Be More To Learn About Sanji

The brows of Sanji’s fans who were watching from the sidelines alter in line with his character while fighting Jimbe Seraphim, highlighting Oda’s declaration about the reason for their new design. Since Luffy’s appearance alters when he uses Gear powers to enhance his appearance Sanji’s eyebrows could be a sign that Luffy the Straw Hat chef is using his Germa 66 abilities. Oda encouraged readers to continue to keep an eye on Sanji’s story, even though there’s changed a lot in Sanji’s psychology. This suggests that there could be more to discover about the character before the story ends.

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Fans can keep following Sanji and the other members of the Straw Hat crew in the One Piece manga which is available in English from VIZ Media. The anime is also back after a hiatus of three weeks, with Episode 1054 titled “Death To Your Partner!” Crunchyroll is bringing Killer’s Deadly Game!

How The Flash Will Bring Back the Original Super Sons of DC Comics

Jeremy Adams, the writer of both The Flash ongoing series and DC’s animated Super Sons movie, teases that the sidekicks and speedster will cross paths.

The Flash creator Jeremy Adams hints that a Super Sons crossover is planned for the show.

On Twitter, the creator requested fans to respond “Who would like to see a picture from [ The Flash#797?” In a subsequent tweet, “It’s one of the first images [artist Serg Acuna] sent my way.” The story was written by Adams and drawn by Acuna, Flash #797 will come out in April 2023. The story is a “super-speed misadventure,” where Kid Flash/Wallace West is a babysitter for Jai, Irey West, and the Flash Wally West children. Adams shared artwork by Robin Damian Wayne and Superboy Jon Kent in a deleted tweet. But, it’s still available on Instagram at the time of the writing. This means that these two little Super Sons will be appearing in the Flash issue.

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An animated DC film featuring Super Sons, starring Super Sons

Adams has had experience with Super Sons already. While writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Jorge Jimenez are the creative brains behind DC’s first Super Sons comic series that debuted in 2017, Adams scripted the animated film Batman as well as Superman: Battle of the Super Sons released in 2022. The film follows Superman/Clark Kent’s son Jon who joins forces with Batman/Bruce Wayne’s Damian to stop Starro, the Conqueror to stop him from taking over Earth.

What isn’t known, however, is which version of the Super Sons will appear in The Flash #797. The solicitation for the issue states “It’s an extremely fast misadventure babysitting as Flash observes Jai, Irey, and some new acquaintances from all over space and time!” If a sleepover turns out to be a disaster, Ace has to bring back the twins, Maxine, and a handful of new acquaintances from across space and time!” There are many possibilities for the identities of the Super Sons might be. It could be Jon or Damian’s younger versions of the comic DC Universe or the same versions that Adams used in Battle of the Super Sons.

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DC Reboots Flash’s Solo Series

Adams already showed an interest and capability to travel across time and into the Multiverse during his time in Flash. For example, his first episode began by sending Wally West on a Quantum Leap-like journey through the bodies of different speedsters and eventually landed his hero within the Super Friends cartoon universe. Adams is now ready to create a Flash or Super Sons crossover is also running out, being that the publication of Flash #800 is the final issue of his series. The Flash will relaunch in Sep. 2023 with the writer Simon Spurrier and artist Mike Deodato attached as The Flash’s primary creative team.

Alongside Adams and Acuna, The Flash #797 features main and variant cover art from Taurin Clarke, as well as variant covers created by Francis Manapul, Daniele Di Nicuolo, and Yasmin Flores Montanez. The issue will be available for sale on April 18 at DC Comics.

You Won’t Believe What Prop This Riverdale Star Has in Her House

Riverdale Star Camila Mendes has revealed the bizarre prop she keeps at home, as the show is based on Archie Comics, gears up to its final season.

As Riverdale gets closer to its debut, Veronica Lodge actor Camila Medes shared the remarkable set from the Archie Comics-based show that is now in her home.

Mendes claimed that one of the props was a gift that people gave him as a present in the interview. Hiram Lodge has a portrait of Veronica sitting cross-legged with her hands on her knees. It’s very classy and I have it above my bathroom in my guest room at the moment.” Mendes is also hoping to expand her collection. “…I plan on stealing a different artwork that’s of Veronica running through lions” she said. “Once the show is over, I’m going to ask them to give me that. I’d also like that in the bathroom. I would like people to look up at me and pee.

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Mendes has played Veronica in Riverdale since the show’s premiere in January 2017 which is just over six years ago. In an interview with InStyle, Mendes confessed that she has a feeling of ambivalence about the show’s end. “It’s such a bittersweet feeling,” she said. It’s the last day of an era, and it’s going to be a bit strange to not have the show as a pillar of my life. I have had the show for the majority of my 20s. Yet, I’m eager for the next chapter.”

Riverdale Rocks Around the Clock in Season 7

Riverdale season 7 is scheduled to air on The CW on Wednesday 29 March. The series finale will air 21 weeks later on Wednesday, Aug. 23. “The seventh season of Riverdale goes to a place that there is nowhere else that Riverdale has ever dared to go before, the 1950s! Picking up where last season ended, Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) finds himself stuck in the 1950s. He doesn’t know what brought him there, or how he can return to his presence. His friends are no help, as they are living lives that appear to be as do their famous Archie Comics counterparts, not realizing that they’ve been anywhere other than 1950s” the official synopsis for this season states.

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“Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) is the classic all-American teen who is growing up and getting in trouble and learning life lessons; Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) is the neighbor girl who is beginning to doubt everything about her perfect life which includes her controlling mother Alice (Madchen Amick); Veronica Lodge (Mendes) is a Hollywood actress who moved to Riverdale in mysterious circumstances. Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) is the Queen Bee with withering humor and a hidden desire; Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan) is an activist fighting for the Black students of recently integrated Riverdale High; Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) is a square “crooner” who struggles with his sexual identity; Reggie Mantle (Charles Melton) is a basketball star from the countryside; and Fangs Fogarty (Drew Ray Tanner) is a greaser who’s bound to be an Elvis-type star,” it continues. Jughead discovers the truth about their current situation as Tabitha Tate (Erinn Westbrook) visits her. Jughead and his crew will be able to return to the past. Or will they remain stuck in the 1950s forever? And, if so… is it a good thing?”

Riverdale season 7 debuts on March 29th on The CW.