Convention Attendees Stunned by Eddie Munson Cosplayer’s Perfect Guitar Solo

A C2E2 attendant dressed in Eddie Munson, Stranger Things, shatters the opening of “Master of Puppets”, by Metallica in the presence of a crowd.

Cosplayer portraying Eddie Munson from Stranger Things is playing his guitar skills.

TikTok user Irish_princess1973 posted the video of co-star Iixvicostumez playing the opening riff to “Master of Puppets”, by Metallica, in front of a cheering crowd. This same cosplayer joined the Flash Mob comprised of people wearing Stranger Things characters. They all rocked out to classic metal.

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Played by Joseph Quinn, Eddie Munson debuted on Stranger Things in its fourth season. Eddie Munson, an archetypal metalhead, was the head of Hawkins High’s Dungeons & Dragons organization, the Hellfire Club. He quickly became a popular character in the Netflix series. The finale of the season, “The Piggyback,” was his defining moment. He persuaded an ensemble of demo bats to perform “Master of Puppets” and then he sacrificed himself to save Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and the rest of the Party.

The popularity of “The Piggyback” has skyrocketed since its debut. Metallica has expressed its appreciation for Stranger Things using one of its best-loved songs. The group even made a tribute to Eddie during their set at this year’s Lollapalooza.

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At present, it is reported that the Duffers and their crew are in the initial stages of putting together Stranger Things’ fifth and final season. While specifics are unknown at this time, it is confirmed that the story will be a continuation of Season 4’s finale, which ended with Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) beginning to break through the barrier that separates Hawkins and the Upside Down. “Usually after the season, the show will wrap up with a beautiful bow and a little tease that says, ‘Hold on, something is unraveling,” co-creator Matt Duffer explained. “As we enter season 5, we won’t need to tie it up. It’s not possible to start over from the end of this season.

Stranger Things is available for streaming on Netflix.

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