Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Gets a Twist with Dora’s Abs on Full Display

Photographer Hilda Glitz captures the brilliance of cosplayer Craxus Cosplay as he renders anime physics into the original Dora x Jojo pose.

Photographer Hilda Glitz of The 86th Floor posted a video of Craxus Cosplay as a mashup of Dora from the children’s TV show Dora the Explorer, and an original character from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure at Japan Expo Paris 2022.

The post on Reddit showcases the cosplayer in an iconic pose from the Jojo series. This technique of back bending is almost impossible to perform outside of the world of anime. The costume is a replica of the adventurer’s outfit with the addition of A pink crop top that exposes real and drawn-on muscles, an orange pair of shorts, a belt that exposes toned calves and thighs as well as white socks, yellow socks shoes, and her signature bracelet with beads. Craxus points a finger gun at the camera before dropping back into the physics-defying pose which has been a subject of memes and Tik-Tok space.

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Craxus also shared a Dora character on Instagram: Backpack (with Map nearby) with the caption “Chipeur and Babouche”, (Swiper and Boots). The French model and cosplayer also flaunted his “Doro’s Bizarre Adventure” abs at the Toulouse Game Show in 2021.

Craxus’ cosplays span multiple genres. They comprise anime (Miss Monday One Piece), Gaming (gender-bent Nidalee League of Legends), Western cartoons, and comics (Aladdin King Triton Tarzan, Tarzan, He-Man) With the possibility of additional projects to come shortly.

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Hilda Glitz is a videographer and producer at The 86th Floor, the largest YouTube channel for cosplay in the world. The most recent shoots she has done include DoKomi, Germany (June 2022), and MCM London Comic Con in May 2022. When she’s not shooting she performs, cosplays, and listens to musicals during her free time. After wrapping up an exciting cosplay shoot, Hilda’s next photo op hasn’t been revealed yet. There are bound to be other events to report on. Viewers can see Hilda/The 86th Floor’s complete Japan Expo Paris video here.

Fans who want to see more of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure will have to wait until fall when Netflix will release the second collection of episodes from the Stone Ocean anime. After the closing of the eighth story arc in the series Jojolion, last January, Hirohiko’s manga is currently being put on hold. The manga will return with Part 9, tentatively titled “Jojolands,” when Araki returns from his break.

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