Talented Cosplayer Breathes Life into Sailor Moon’s Most Passionate Guardian

Sailor Mars, the Pretty Guardian with firepower, is created by a stunning cosplay. It required “an amount of trial and trial” for this to be made.

A skilled Sailor Moon fan has brought the fiery Sailor Mars to real life.

Lex Lunar uploaded pictures of the stunning cosplay to Reddit. The creator said that the design of the outfit required a lot of trial and error. I had to make several sketches before I was able to touch the fabric. My only formal sewing classes were the home economics class at school. But I would love to learn advanced techniques that will enhance my work.

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Lex Lunar has brought Sailor Mars to life, but he isn’t only the guardian of the solar system. Reddit has several pictures of the stunning Sailor Uranus cosplay, as also images of Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter. The image of Lex Lunar taking part in cosplay in a group with Witchy Sailor Scouts is also available.

The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga by Naoko Takeuchi was published in Kodansha’s shojo journal Nakayoshi from December 1991 until February 1997, producing 52 individual chapters worth of material. The plot centers around Usagi Tsukino, a middle school student who is granted abilities from an artifact known as the Legendary Silver Crystal and becomes the titular magical girl. Sailor Moon can ally herself with Pretty Guardian in her fight for the protection of the Earth and all of it.

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Sailor Mars’ Popularity

Rei Hino (aka Sailor Mars) is one of the allies. She is a fire-breathing ace and is a pyrokinetic weapon. Rei is introduced early in the tale as a shrine maiden, meaning that in addition to her ability to use pyrokinetic, she also can utilize Ofuda charms as well as possess psychic clairvoyance. The character instantly captivated Sailor Moon fans, as shown by a 1993 popularity survey in which she was ranked in the sixth spot. Mars was the star of Casablanca Memories, her short story that explored her childhood.

Even though Takeuchi’s manga ended nearly thirty years ago, its story is still a major cultural reference point and inspires a lot of fan-made content. Beyond the Lex Lunar’s Sailor Moon costume, Tami Yuurei, a professional cosplayer, and model have perfectly captured Sailor Neptune’s sophisticated and sometimes cold persona. A piece of crossover fan artwork imagined what would the Forgers of Spy x Family might look like as Sailor Scouts.

Kodansha Comics North America distributes the Sailor Moon manga, while Turnaround Publishers Services UK distributes it.

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