Cosplayer Takes on Both Jotaro and Dio in This Spot-On ‘Approaching Me’ Tribute

One devoted Jojo fan has recreated the famous “Approaching Me” meme on their own in a selfie where they cosplayed as both Jotaro Brando and Dio Brando.

A passionate lover of the hugely loved franchise JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has single-handedly recreated the iconic “Approaching Me” meme by cosplaying the characters Jotaro Kujo and Dio Brando.

Seanpai Senpai, a cosplayer with the handle @seanpaisen on Twitter, posted this image. Seanpai Senpai, who also uses the handle @seanpaisen, tweeted that the image was among their top picks and also that JoJo is a major motivation for their fitness efforts. In this picture,, the meme is meticulously recreated not just through cosplay but also by the use of color-lit lighting that recreates the yellow color palette of the manga which the meme was derived from.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, based on Hirohiko Araki’s manga with the same title has spawned a variety of memes, like the “Oh I see you’re trying to get me?” meme, two of these are the “Araki forgot!” meme, created by fans in response to the show’s many plot holes, and the “Yare Yare Daze” meme, which is a term frequently used by Jotaro and that roughly translates to “good grieving” in English. The JoJomanga is predicted to sell over 120,000,000 copies by the time it is released in December 2021. Its popularity in meme culture also speaks volumes.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was serialized for the first time in the Weekly Shonen Jumpin 1997. The story begins in the 19th Century England in the 19th Century and is narrated by Jonathan Joestar. He is an aristocratic, young, who faces off against Dio Brando. Dio, who was a lower-class, but driven man, has been accepted by Jonathan Joestar’s father. Dio Brando is eventually able to find an ancient stone Aztec mask with extraordinary supernatural powers located in the possession and care of the Joestar family. Driven by the desire to be a leader and superiority over the rest, Dio utilizes the powers of the Aztec artifacts to make himself super-powerful. The battle to stop Dio continues for several generations in the Joestar family. Jotaro Kujo, the Joestar descendant who is depicted in the character, is the hero of the third arc. It’s called Stardust Crusaders.

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In October 2012, the first season of JoJo anime was released. The series has aired four more seasons since the first. Season 5, which was titled Stone Ocean, debuted in December of last year. The first 12 episodes are now available. The second part, consisting of episodes 13-24, is set to debut on Netflix this fall. The initial four seasons of JoJo and Part 1 of Stone Ocean are available to stream on Netflix.

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