Two Sides of a Hero: Daredevil Fan Flawlessly Embodies Matt Murdock and His Vigilante Persona

A talented lover of Netflix’s Daredevil series recreates both Matt Murdock’s lawyer style and his original black vigilante costume in a stunning cosplay.

The fans of Netflix’s Daredevil have come up with a cosplay that incorporates Matt Murdock’s two personalities that is his day job as a lawyer and the vigilante who is known as the Devil in Hell’s Kitchen during Season 1.

Confident_Door8862 Confident_Door8862, a Reddit user, shared a collection of photos showing his costume in both. Three of the photos show the cosplayer wearing a suit with a tie, Daredevil’s trademark red glasses and tousled locks. In reference to the character’s ability to take blows during fights, leaving injuries that he tried to hide in daylight hours, the character includes a bloody lip as well as a few bandages covering his face.

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The other two photos illustrate the black and white outfit Matt was wearing for his vigilante missions in Season 1 Complete with masks for his eyes and ropes in his arms.

Daredevil TV Evolution Through Costumes

Daredevil premiered on Netflix in 2015. Charlie Cox played Matt Murdock who was an attorney in the day, who was the Daredevil of Hell’s Kitchen. At the end of the first season, Matt obtained a red costume that featured a helmet with horns, inspired by the one featured in the Marvel comics that inspired the series, and was referred to at that time as Daredevil.

Cox returned to his character in two Marvel Cinematic Universe productions since Daredevil was removed in 2018. Cox will also star in an upcoming show in 2024, titled Daredevil Born Again. Cox appeared in the 2021 version of Spider-Man No Way Home as Peter Parker’s lawyer, but without any reference to his superhero persona. However, in the Disney+ show She-Hulk he played Daredevil in a red and yellow costume that pays homage the comic character’s first outfit.

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Daredevil Born Again will bring Cox together with his Daredevil stars Vincent D’Onofrio, and Jon Bernthal in their characters as Wilson Fisk (a.k.a. Kingpin, and Frank Castle (a.k.a. the Punisher. The new series will recast Daredevil however it’s not yet known whether other actors from Netflix’s Marvel’s series will return for the MCU reboot.

Disney+ offers all episodes of DaredevilDaredevil Born Again will air in 2024. It will have an initial season of 18 episodes.

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