Ivysaur’s Spectacular Evolution into Venusaur Brought to Life in Stunning Cosplay

A skilled Pokemon fan has captured the wonder of evolution in a cosplay pocket monster that changed from Ivysaur into Venusaur.

Ivysaur’s transformation into Venusaur was captured in a hilarious and stylish Pokemon cosplay.

The transforming gown was created and shared by alliecat_cosplay Reddit. It’s cute and fun in its Ivysaur shape, with the closed flower buds as a cap. It’s a simple style in its Venusaur shape with a long skirt and strapless top. The cosplayer posted an image on their Instagram account showing how the outfit changes from one style to another.

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Pokemon Cosplay: A Sophisticated Game

Ivysaur and Venusaur aren’t the only pocket monsters who have inspired elaborate costumes that are modeled after the form of a dress. Popular cosplay and YouTuber Mink Satyr has shared a few photos of her Trubbish Costume. Satyr posted several photos of her Trubbish costume that featured billowing sleeves as well as full skirts, and delicate lacing. The result is a perfect reflection of the fashion-forward style of her outfit — a fairly ironic result because Trubbish is the fifth generation Pokemon which is the result of the fusion of industrial waste, and chemical agents.

The long-running mega-franchise started in 1996, with the release of Pocket Monsters: Red and Green; Nintendo later rebranded the games as Pokemon Red and Blue. Nintendo has released more than 120 titles over the years. Recently, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple were released towards the close of the year. Scarlet and Violet received mixed reviews from both players and critics. However certain players were seeking complete refunds due to the numerous performance issues, while others embraced the chaos and made hilarious memes about the numerous bugs.

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The Pokemon franchise isn’t only video games, cosplay, and official trading cards. It also features manga series, films, and anime. Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Seriesserved as the swan song for the long-running protagonist Ash Ketchum and his faithful Pikachu as well as the most recent show Pokemon Horizons which debuted on April 14, introduces new main characters Liko as well as her co-star, Sprigatito.

A different form of Pokemon anime will also be coming to Netflix in the future. The stop-motion animated Pokemon concierge will not be focusing on a trainer and will instead focus on Haru an employee at the resort. She will be interacting with patrons and their pocket monsters as she navigates the challenges of customer service.

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The series is currently available to stream on Netflix, and many games in the franchise are available to play exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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