One Piece: 10 Amazing Roronoa Zoro Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime

One Piece’s Zoro is one of the most popular anime characters around so of course, the cosplay fits inspired by him are going to be just as great.

Roronoa Zoro is a great swordsman in One Piece and one of the fan-favorite main characters. He joins the Straw Hat Pirates very early on in the series and is one of the strongest characters, with a lot of determination to become the most powerful swordsman on the planet.

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He has a great character design as well, so on top of being a fun character, cosplayers flock to him in order to try to recreate his iconic look. He has noticeable green hair and is often carrying several swords at once. But the really attractive thing to an expert cosplayer is getting to recreate all of his scars, and many people have done so to great effect.

10 Curly Zoro

Cosplayer Shellanin builds most of their cosplay looks around their gorgeous curly hair. The costumes are incredibly accurate to the character looks they’re recreating, with the added unique quality of their hairstyle making the costume their own.

In this Zoro cosplay, they’ve dyed their hair green to match Zoro’s iconic hairstyle, wearing a black bandana over it the way the swordsman also does. The pose, with the three swords, and the costume itself, are all incredibly true to the character.

9 Gender Swap

This cosplayer has made a really incredible cosplay and apparently designed and sewed the cosplay in just three days, which is incredibly impressive. While this is a gender swap look, it is also very accurate to Zoro’s kimono look. It’s feminized, with a slit up the side to make the robe into more of a skirt, along with a longer wig instead of Zoro’s green buzz cut, but the details of the fabric are right on the money.

8 Leaning

This is a great photo of this cosplayer that allows for their entire cosplay to be seen all at once. They’ve done a great job with the details on this one, like the wooden toggles on the robe, giving the otherwise pretty Japanese-style kimono a more European look. The sash looks like it’s functional, actually holding the outfit together, and it also works well as a belt to hold Zoro’s swords. The makeup is also impressive as, even from this distance, it’s clear that there’s a scar over their eye.

7 At Rest

It’s hard to imagine the high-energy characters from One Piece relaxing at all. They’re so often shouting and running around and fighting, causing chaos and getting into enough trouble to get bounties put on their heads. This cosplayer has attempted to show Zoro in this position.

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She sits against a brick wall with her eyes closed, her swords still at the ready leaning against her shoulder, should any trouble pop up. The frayed edges of her robe are a really great choice for this costume, showing it is well worn.

6 Unsheathing A Sword

This cosplayer has done a great job of both recreating Zoro’s costume and hair but also in doing an action-oriented pose of the type that Zoro might be seen doing. He’s never afraid to draw his sword and run into battle when it’s necessary. Here, the use of photo editing has allowed the sword to have an otherworldly appearance, like it’s actually sparking as it comes out of the sheath because it’s so fast and dangerous.

5 Photoshop

This cosplayer has done something very clever with their costume. It is likely not easy to get one’s hands on one sword, let alone three, so they’ve photoshopped the weapons under the sash of their costume to give the sense that they’re there. The costume is a great look because it’s so simple and at the same time very accurate. Zoro’s costume is just a kimono with a sash around it, so this robed look really works for this cosplay.

4 Extraordinary

This cosplayer has focused a lot on the details of the actual costume, making it look almost like a functional piece of clothing. All of the details of the cosplay seem very well put together and thought out, like the toggles on the robe, which seem like they would actually hold the top together, and the very precise tie on the armband, which looks exactly as it would in the anime. The velvet sash around their waist looks very authentic, taking away from a costumey feel.

3 Scars

Zoro is on a mission to become the greatest swordsman in the world, and that doesn’t come without its consequences. Indeed, it’s clear that Zoro has worked really hard toward this goal by fighting a lot of strong people and coming out the victor on the other side.

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He’s covered in scars that show how much fighting he’s done, and this cosplayer has made a point to focus on those scars, making them look really gnarly and painful.

2 With Luffy

Group cosplays are the best cosplays, and the Straw Hat Pirates are such a tight-knit group that of course they would often be seen together. Here, Zoro poses with Luffy on a crumbling brick wall, looking ready to get down to business or like they’ve already caused a great deal of trouble. This is one of Zoro’s more classic looks, with black pants, a wide green belt, and a white shirt. But the cosplay is all in the details, like the gold earring Zoro always wears.

1 With A Bottle

This cosplayer also gave Zoro a longer hairdo, but the look is otherwise very accurate to Zoro’s main costume, in which he wears a dark green kimono. Here they’re posed with a bottle like any good pirate should be, as if they’re relaxing on a break. Their swords are also laying behind them, ready to be picked up if need be. The really impressive parts of this cosplay are the makeup work on the scars, both over the left eye and across the chest.

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