Doctor Octo-Puss: A Delightfully Creative Marvel Pet Cosplay Inspired by Spider-Man’s Villain

A cosplaying pet cat contemplates its dark machinations in Alfred Molina plays Doctor Otto Octavius from Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home.

This Doctor Octopus costume is an inspiration from Spider-Man No Way Home..

The Twitter account Cat Cosplay posted photos of the furry model dressed up in the role of Doctor Otto Octavius (also called Doctor Octopus) in a pet-themed costume. This cat’s character is inspired by Alfred Molina’s portrayal of Doc Ock from No way Home. You could be able to say that this portrayal of Doctor “Octavipuss” is just as adorable.

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The cat, who is dressed in a turtleneck sweater for cats and a trench coat with sunglasses, is prepared to assume the role of Spider-Man’s most iconic villain. The four robotic arms of the character can be seen from behind the cat. They appear as if they are able to do more than just fling toy mice around. The appendages are adorned with a variety of important features from the original material, including gold-colored segments along each arm, segmented claws designed to grasp as well as a terrifying glowing red at their centers.

Molina’s most recent portrayal of Doctor Octopus in No Way Home is an enormous departure from the original comic portrayal of his yellow and green jumpsuit. And the differences don’t end there. Doc Ock in the Marvel Cinematic Universe appears to be as much a victim as he does an expert in his robot arms.

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A scientist at first, who sought to produce clean energy by nuclear fusion the Dr. Octavius became involved in an accident in the lab, which caused his arms to become permanently joined to his body, as well as losing his wife. He is unable to distinguish himself from the creations, and gradually becomes a victim of the artificial intelligence they contain. This leads him to become a criminal determined to demonstrate that his invention was successful even if it means it means taking New York City along with the city. He is ultimately persuaded to stop by Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man and is killed while taking down the creations he made.

In the comics, Doctor Otto Octavius experiences both the loss of his wife and the development of his robotic arms as a result of a lab experiments gone wrong. Unlike Molina’s Octavius however he’s in complete control of his deeds even without any outside influence by malicious artificial intelligence. Doc Ock, a member of Spider-Man’s band of criminals for many years, has used his intelligence and the mighty arsenal available to accomplish this.

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