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  • Inside One Piece: Delving into Vega punk’s Seraphim, Its Origins, and Capabilities

    While the Seraphim are thought to be the best humankind type in One Piece, what do they look like and what can they do for humanity? This article has spoilers regarding the One Piece Egghead Arc. It is available in English at Viz Media. One Piece has recently solved one of the long-standing mysteries surrounding the mysterious Dr. Vegapunk. The […]

  • Awe-inspiring Attack on Titan Cosplay Brings Mikasa to Life in Stunning Detail

    Mikasa Ackerman’s passionate fan shows her skillful skills in the Omni-directional Maneuver Gear in an Attack on Titan cosplay. A loyal fan showed Mikasa Ackerman’s legendary titan-slaying skill by wearing a bloody Attack on Titan cosplay. Majorshigo who is a Reddit user shared an image of her blood-stained Mikasa costume. The costume showcased the fan-favorite character’s deadly […]

  • Super Mario Bros. Movie Gives a Fresh Take on Peach’s Power-Ups

    A brand-new promotional video from The Super Mario Bros. Movie features Anya Taylor-Joy’s princess Peach using the Fire Flower power-up. A new promotion for The Super Mario Bros. Movie includes the princess Peach (Anya TaylorJoy), testing her Fire Flower power-up. The video was posted via the official Super Mario Bros. Movie account. It begins with Princess Peach wearing her […]

  • John Wick 4: New Images Show Keanu Reeves in a Colorful Predicament

    New, vibrant images taken from John Wick Chapter 4 show Keanu Reeves’ infamous assassin wearing a tie, and meeting Donnie Yen’s mysterious character. John Witt Chapter 4 teases Keanu Reeves captured in some bright new stills. DiscussingFilm has shared two photos from the most recent installment of the John Wick story. In the first picture, Reeves’ assassin is seen […]

  • Report Claims Avengers: Secret Wars Is Too Big for One Film and Will Be Split Into Two

    Marvel is believed to be looking into the possibility of splitting Avengers: Secret Wars into two films. One of them will be released in the yet-tobe-announced phase 7. Avengers’ Secret Wars might be delayed for Marvel fans. Marvel Studios is reportedly in talks about splitting the superhero epic that is set to release in two films. This […]

  • One Piece Explains Why Sanji’s Eyebrows Have Changed Over Time

    Eiichiro Oda put to rest speculations among fans about Sanji’s shifting eyes with a definitive solution to one of the manga’s latest mysteries. Sanji’s iconic curly eyebrows are moving throughout the most recent One Piece chapters Fans now know why. According to an article from Anime Dork, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda recently opened up on the Straw Hat […]

  • How The Flash Will Bring Back the Original Super Sons of DC Comics

    Jeremy Adams, the writer of both The Flash ongoing series and DC’s animated Super Sons movie, teases that the sidekicks and speedster will cross paths. The Flash creator Jeremy Adams hints that a Super Sons crossover is planned for the show. On Twitter, the creator requested fans to respond “Who would like to see a picture from [ The […]

  • You Won’t Believe What Prop This Riverdale Star Has in Her House

    Riverdale Star Camila Mendes has revealed the bizarre prop she keeps at home, as the show is based on Archie Comics, gears up to its final season. As Riverdale gets closer to its debut, Veronica Lodge actor Camila Medes shared the remarkable set from the Archie Comics-based show that is now in her home. Mendes claimed that […]

  • Harry Potter: Sirius Black’s Escape From Azkaban Was Surprisingly Simple

    Azkaban was supposed to be the safest prison in Harry Potter’s world. But two men proved how easy it was for them to escape the Dementors’ notice. It is important to recall the controversial statements made by the Harry Potter franchise creator. CBR supports industry professionals who work on properties that fans love, and the wider Harry Potter world that […]

  • Unveiling the Unseen: Ian McShane Talks about Deleted Action Scenes in John Wick 4

    John Wick: Chapter 4’s Ian McShane jokes about how fight scenes featuring Winston were removed from the film’s final version. John Wise Chapter 4star Ian McShane joked recently that he had filmed action scenes to make the sequel to the action-thriller, but they ended up on the cutting board. McShane explained the fake deleted scenes […]