Why Nico Robin is the Ultimate Reflection of One Piece’s Delicate Mix of Humor and Horror

Nico Robin brilliantly displays the extreme elements that make Eiichiro Oka’s One Piece such a respectable absurdist story.

stems have a lot to do with Eiichiro Oda’s construction of a whimsical and absurdist exterior that hides a terrifyingly bright interior. Follow the sometimes sensitive cast as they become aware of the world’s cruelty and you will get powerful emotional gut punches. Nami and Luffy, both sweet souls with a heart of gold, epitomize the power and importance that this element has by creating story arcs as a reaction to the inhumanity encountered. They also add more weight to specific stories that require more emotional hooks. Both have survived hardships but remain positive.

Yes, many Straw Hats have horrific childhoods and painful baggage yet they maintain their bright exteriors. Nico Robin does it better. After a tragic childhood, she found a way to survive. She tried her hand at the underworld and discovered a darker side to humanity. But, even though she was young when she entered into the underworld, and was left to her unique interests in her youth, her childlike sense of humor remained. Her tragic life and combination of extremely grim skills and uncommon spirit perfectly mirror 1 Piece.

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Nico Robin Is the Funniest of All the Straw Hat Pirates

Robin’s closest crew ties in One Piece speak volumes about her eccentricity as they laugh at the ridiculous Luffy, Usopp, or Tony Tony Chopper games. She has a mix of maternal and whimsical feelings about her crew mates. Robin’s troubled childhood left her wanting a better, more playful life. This is what she now enjoys as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Robin, who can sprout limbs, occasionally adds physical humor to the crew. Although she can crack a joke, her jokes are often unintentional or off-the-wall. Her experience as an agent with One Piece sparked her wit and matched the series’ blend of light & dark.

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Nico Robin is the Product of Death and Destruction in One Piece

Robin was an isolated survivor of a heartless massacre and experienced extreme isolation with no family love. Robin’s life was turned upside down by her depressing existence. She became a brutal survivalist and manipulator. Robin was eight when she was captured by bounty hunters and the government. She survived, but Robin trained her Devil Fruit skills to be a skilled killer.

Her time in underworld culture elevated her already dark worldview. She survived a culling but was filled with references to death and maiming. Robin frequently startled her more reserved crew mates, with these unsavory thoughts. They seem completely normal as Robin continues to find herself confronted with the criminals and heartless aspects of society.


One Piece and Nico Robin Both Share the Same Kindred Spirits

Eiichiro Oda creates an elegant duality in Two Piece. is mirrored through Luffy, and Shanks. Robin does a better job than many of the others in this series. Her wild and unique balance is greater than most. She has opened up One Piece to her world.

Robin’s contribution of humor to Straw Hats is similar to Luffy and other silly goofballs’ absurdist hijinks. Her darkest moments remind her of the twisted humor, and elements from the Doflamingo pirates, and revel in making wise jokes about society’s disgusting or death aspects. Despite experiencing mass destruction, death, and slave labor, she remains calm and caring. Robin and One Piece blend extremes seamlessly and entertain with their commonality.

Nico Robin shines in the same way as the best characters of the medium. The character’s extreme duality combined with the turmoil within her makes it a work of art. Robin will be One Piece’s strongest character. Her soul echoes the series’ and she shines as a bright star in a dark place.

The Ultimate Fighting Game: Why Budokai Tenkaichi 4 has Dragon Ball Z Fans on the Edge of Their Seats

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi’s 16-year history is over.

16 long years have passed since the return of one of the most popular game series in Dragon Ball. Bandai Namco stunned fans by announcing that a fourth installment is being made in the Dragon Ball Z Game Series: Budokai Tenkaichi. This will be the series’ first major episode since 2007. The fan response has been incredible.

A teaser video was shown for the new Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour to fans who were fortunate enough to attend. It included old, nostalgic footage and a shot of Goku changing into his Super Saiyan Blue form. It ended with the message: “A new sparking begins.” While most fans would probably be satisfied with an HD version, a new Budokai Tenkaichititle quickly brought the audience’s excitement to a whole new level.

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What Is Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi:

Dragon Ball Z. Budokai Tenkaichi first appeared on the PlayStation 2 in 2005. The Dragon Ball Z, Sparking! the fighting game is an arena-style game. It offers a 3D view of the action, instead of the 2D side-scrolling approach found in traditional fighting games. The series is known for its intense battles that make fans feel fully immersed in Dragon Ball.

With every new mainline series, the roster of characters grows. It eventually becomes one of the fighting game’s most extensive rosters. Budokai Tenkaichi contains 161 players who can perform transformations. This greatly enhances the player experience, as it allows you to view Dragon Ball characters from virtually any perspective. It also allows players to match unlikely characters and create every fight they desire, allowing them to live up to their wildest fantasies.

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What Makes Dragon Ball Z Special? Budokai Tenkaichi

Unexpectedly, the Budokai Tenkaichigames are very popular for the lack of balance between the characters. Given the number of characters and forms available, it is not surprising that certain characters are more powerful than others. Although balance is crucial for fighting games, Budokai Tenkaichi has a lot of fans who don’t care. Many celebrate the enjoyment that can be found in the unbalanced. The Budokai Tenkaichi series, unlike other fighting games, is not about having a fair, competitive fight. Instead, the focus is on different scenes from the manga.

There have been no mainline games for the franchise since Dragon Ball Z. Budokai Tenkaichi 3Budokai Tenkaichi 3 remains one of the most expensive and rarest PS2 games, due to its low production and high demand. Spike Chunsoft evolved into Spike Chunsoft. Spike Chunsoft never developed a Dragon Ball-based game for over a decade. This is why it was understandable that the Budokai Tenkaichi game had been abandoned by many of its fans.

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Unexpected Dragon Ball Z New Game: Budokai Tenkaichi

Bandai Namco has a knack for selling nostalgia. This is evident in the structure of Budokai Tenkaichi‘s teaser trailer. It showed old footage from the games first and allowed players to recall a favorite game before moving into the future. The updated graphics are just as beautiful as the anime. Goku in Super Saiyan Blue confirms that Budokai Tenkaichi4 may include characters and events from the Dragon Ball Super manga. It’s easy for DLC expansions to expand the roster of characters that the franchise has built up over the years.

Bandai Namco has not yet announced a title, release time, or platforms. However, this has not stopped fans from sharing the trailer online and buzzing in anticipation and speculation. The game is still being worked on, but fans who have been following the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi franchise for many years are optimistic that this new entry will offer a bigger campaign and more characters than its predecessors.

Los Angeles Erupts in Laughter as The Joker Sparks a Riot

The Los Angeles riot involving The Joker shows how flexible the Clown Prince is. This sets him apart from other DC Universe villains.

The following contains spoilers for The Jeker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing#6, which is available now from DC Comics.

The Joker has been a popular villain in comics. The Clown Prince of Crime was a Batman character from the beginning. He has had to go through as much evolution, change, and adaptation as his constant foe – gradually becoming a more frightening figure. Although other media versions of Joker are more endearing, the comic-book version has a new and fun take on the Joker.

Joker, The Man Who Never Stopped Laughing #6 (by Matthew Rosenberg. Carmine Di Giandomenico. Arif Pirianto. Tom Napolitano). The Joker starts a violent riot, which most stories would not take seriously. This issue is played largely for fun by the creative team behind it, who make it a comedy rather than a horror story. This issue is a great reminder that the Joker can be a versatile character.

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The Joker Returns to Gotham With an Explosive Escape

The plot in The Joker – The Man Who Has Never Stopped Laughing has been largely dramatic. There were moments of dark comedy and some light humor. But the series has been a character study of a mysterious man, who believes himself to be the Joker. However, when he learns that his counterpart is now on the streets and it’s proving difficult to get him down, he decides to return home. But, he starts an attack on LA. He sets off to destroy multiple police precincts, starting a riot. Joker initially finds this turn of events pleasing and has a private jet waiting to fly him from the chaos. It turned out that, his henchmen, sent the plane to LAX.

This hilarious story follows the Joker as he attempts to navigate Los Angeles in the face of his fears, even though he is aware that he has set off a match. An idea like this could have many possibilities. The comic could incorporate the horror elements that made its predecessor and even its earlier issues, or it could go the other way. It could be a thrilling action story, with Joker always striving to be one step ahead. It could even have been dramatized, with the focus on how a city, unconditioned to supervillains, deals with such an attack. Instead, it plays up chaos for a pure dark comedy packed with punchlines and death — and it works.

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DC Made the Joker More Fun

The Joker is a multifaceted character. The Joker can switch between funny, scary, pathetic, and frightening in a single scene. This is partially why his adaptability and endurance in pop culture. The Joker’s ability to incite fear has been the focus of much of the Joker’s work over the last decade. Joker stories usually focus on how terrifying the character can be and his ability, with one plan, to cause chaos in entire cities or simply pop up out of nowhere. The Joker, The Man Who Stopped Laughing #6 offered a breather with its central concept.

He complains about traffic but is impressed to see the chaos of LA. He is reluctantly led to take photos with a Batman-clad guy on Sunset Boulevard. They entertain unassuming tourists until “Batman” decides enough is enough. Even his attempt to take a taxi fails comically. Joker stories like these help to differentiate him from other remorseless serial killings in Gotham. It gives him a personality other villains like Professor Pyg, Zsasz, or others cannot match. The bizarre depth of character offered by a very simple villain is one of his reasons for being so compelling. Joker has a great sense of humor, something that’s been missing in modern stories.

Forgotten Wakandan Ally Rises Again with Spider-Man to Confront Terrifying Monsters

Spider-Man Unforgiven is a return to the forefront of Marvel’s history. It features a former Wakandan monster hunter who returns to the limelight.

This section contains major spoilers for Spider-Man #1: Unforgiven #1. Available now from Marvel Comics.

Spider-Man’s popularity with fans makes it no surprise that he is featured in the smallest Marvel story arcs. The horror titles seem to particularly love his presence. The unforgiven saga continues that theme and places Spiderman at the center of the first issue. Spider-Man – #1 (by Tim Seeley/Sid Kotian, Edgar Delgado, and VC’s Joe Caramagna) is a three-issue miniseries. This issue features guest appearances of Marvel heroes from all walks of life.

As Raizo Kodo (his Forgiven) make their return after a long wait, the issue exposes Salome, the ex-Sorceress Supreme, as a potential threat to team members. One other thing fans might have noticed is Zawadi (a wrinkled, elderly woman) who was once a powerful monster hunter as well as a proud Wakandan.

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Zawadi has all the power of The Black Panther

Zawadi (whose name means “precious present” in Swahili) made her first appearance on Marvel Universe #4. She was created by Roger Stern. Mike Manley, Gloria Vasquez. Jim Novak. This issue took place in the 1950s, during the height of the Cold War. It laid the foundations for a top monster-hunting team within Marvel Comics. Doctor Druid meets Jake Curtiss of the NSA, who is the Eternal Makkari disguised, and introduces him as the immortal hunter Ulysses Bloodstone. Bloodstone tells of the day that he met Zawadi. He was out following a trail filled with giant monsters when a Tyrannosaurus Rex stopped him. Ulysses was locked in his corner, and could only count the seconds until a female warrior suddenly thrust her spear into T. Rex’s neck. She drove it back into Wakandan mountain.

Zawadi joined Ulysses’ expeditions from that day onwards and became one founding member of Monster Hunters. Zawadi displayed her skill as an acrobat, with the group constantly being attacked by Deviant monsters. However, her past as a simple warrior quickly changed two years later when a remarkable piece of information was added. Marvel #2 (by John Byrne. Roger Stern. Al Milgrom. Glynis. Olson. and Jack Morelli). It revealed that Zawadi is one of a kind. In her youth, she had eaten Heart-Shaped herbs, a sacred plant that was only available to Bast’s champions, and which made her perfect for the Black Panther mantle. Due to this, she was blessed with superhuman strength, speed, acute senses, and extraordinary intelligence.

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Spider-Man, Unforgiven Restores An Elderly Zawadi

The group split in subsequent years, with Ulysses Bloodstone becoming the last of the Monster Hunters. Marvel Comics failed to make any efforts to bring back Zawadi. With Spider-Man – The Unforgiven #1, Spider-Man found Salome, the fallen woman, in a house full of mystical artifacts. As the evil Sorceress Suprema turns the odds against her, Salome’s house owner gets the final blow. Zawadi is no longer a young woman but she has become a husk of her former glorious self.

She soon finds that the night’s excitement is too much for her and she must be taken to a hospital by the emergency personnel. Zawadi has always been a warrior, even though it isn’t the fighter she once was that Ulysses Bloodstone would sing her praises. Her ability to see into the future gives Zawadi clairvoyance. She also has years of experience in fighting monsters. Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense was unable to match her. Zawadi was there for her when she needed it most.

Spider-Man Just Brought Back a Forgotten Wakandan – To Fight Monsters

Spider-Man: Unforgiven returns to a forgotten aspect of Marvel’s past, as a former Wakandan monster hunter is back in the spotlight.

This article contains major spoilers about Spider-Man’s #1, Unforgiven #1. On sale now at Marvel Comics.

Spider-Man is a beloved character among Marvel fans. It’s not surprising that he appears in the most limited Marvel story arcs. Horror titles especially love his appearance. The new “Unforgiven” Saga follows the same plan and puts the wallcrawler in the center of its first issue. Spider-Man #1 (by Tim Seeley and Sid Kotian), is a miniseries that features guest appearances from all corners of the comic. The one-shot reintroduces a host of long-forgotten Marvel heroes with rich histories.

The issue presents Salome, an ex-Sorceress Supreme, and Raizo Kodo as a threat to the team. Fans who are observant may have noticed another character among the cast, Zawadi, an elderly woman with wrinkles and a proud Wakandan heritage.

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Zawadi has the Powers of The Black Panther

Zawadi, whose name in Swahili means “precious gifts”, made her debut in Marvel Universe #4 in 1998. It was written by Roger Stern, Mike Manley, and Gloria Vasquez. The issue was set in the 1950s during the Cold War and laid the foundation for a top-tier monster-hunting team within Marvel Comics Universe. Doctor Druid has an encounter with extraterrestrial creatures and meets Jake Curtiss (NSA agent) who introduces Druid to Ulysses Bloodstone, the immortal hunter. Bloodstone relates to the day he met Zawadi. A Tyrannosaurus Rex entrapped him while he was on his way to follow a trail of giant beasts. Ulysses was trapped and could not count how many seconds it took before a female warrior inserted her spear into the neck of the T. Rex and drove it back to the Wakandan Mountains.

Zawadi has been accompanying Ulysses on his expeditions since that day and was one of the founder members of Monster Hunters. Zawadi’s skills as a warrior were demonstrated throughout the series, which saw the group repeatedly being attacked by Deviant-designed monsters. Her background as a simple warrior was quickly retconned when two years later, a shocking piece of information was added. Marvel: The Lost Generation 2 (by John Byrne and Roger Stern, Al Milgroms, Glynis Olso, Jack Morelli, and Jack Morelli), revealed that Zawadi truly is one-of-a-kind. She had eaten the Heart-Shaped plant in her youth. This sacred herb was reserved for Bast’s champion and made her fit to take on the role of Black Panther. She was born with extraordinary strength, speed, and acute perceptions.

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Spider-Man: An Unforgiven Restores an Elderly Zawadi

The group fell apart over the years, with Ulysses Bloodstone effectively dissolving the Monster Hunters. After that, not much information is available about Zawadi and Marvel Comics has never made any concerted efforts to bring the character back. This changed with Spider-Man Unforgiven #1 when Spider-Man discovered the fallen Salome in a house filled with mystical artifacts. The evil Sorceress Supreme is turning the odds in her favor and the house owner lands the fatal blow to Salome. Zawadi, an old husk of her glory days, turns out to be the killer.

However, the excitement of the night wears her down and she is taken to the hospital by emergency personnel. But not before warning The Forgiven about the imminent dangers. Zawadi, even though she’s no longer the fighter who made Ulysses Bloodstone swoon over her, is still a warrior at heart. She has clairvoyance and the ability to see past the present, which gives her an advantage over evil. Spider-Man and his legendary Spider-Sense, both vampires, couldn’t match her. Zawadi was there when it mattered, adding a footnote that will be rewritten in Marvel’s new endeavor.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fans Rejoice: Redesigned April, Splinter, and Additional Characters Revealed in New Images

Paramount’s original trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mutant Mayhem) gives detailed views of the iconic franchise’s revamped characters.

Producer Seth Rogen’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles presents new details about April O’Neil and Splinter.

These images are taken from the first trailer. These images show April O’Neil’s meeting with the Turtles and Splinter’s new Jheri curl. Also, Rocksteady and Bebop are boosted up. Although there have been several versions of this foursome, many of them arrived after Nickelodeon purchased it for $60 Million back in 2009. These photos show the creative possibilities of the new stylistically reimagined feature by Jeff Rowe/Kyler Spears. The new images are below.

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TMNT. Mutant mayhem cast

Rogen shared the voice cast to the film ahead of Mutant Mayhem’s debut trailer. The cast includes Paul Rudd (Mondo Gecko), John Cena (Rocksteady), Giancarlo Esposito (Baxter Stockman), Jackie Chan as Splinter, and Rogen himself as Bebop. Micah Abbey (Donatello), Shamon Jones Jr.(Michelangelo), Nicolas Canto (“Leonardo”), and Brady Noon (“Raphael”) voice the turtles. Rose Byrne’s Leatherhead (Hannibal Buress’ Genghis Frog), Rose Byrne’s Leatherhead (Rose Byrne), Ice Cube’s Superfly, Natasia Debitriou’s Wingnut, Post Malone’s Ray Fillet, Maya Rudolph’s Cynthia Utrom, and Natasia Demetriou’s Wingnut are also set to appear. Ayo Edebiri, Bear‘s vocalist, is also involved.

Paramount Pictures has released the film’s official synopsis, as well as the trailer. “The Turtle brothers were raised in a safe environment and have spent years trying to be normal teenage boys. April O’Neil, their new friend helps them defeat a mysterious crime syndicate. But the Turtle brothers soon find themselves in a bind when an army made up of mutants attacks them.

Who was responsible for the TMNT Mutant Mayhem

Seth Rogen, his long-time partner in writing and producing, Evan Goldberg, serves as the producer of the new animated film. Spears and Rowe will be the first to take the helm. Spears was previously a director on the animated feature The Mitchells vs the Machines. The latter also served as a script artist. They worked with Brendan O’Brien (Bad Neighbors screenwriter) on mutant Mayhem.

Many fans have taken it to social media and praised Mutant Mayhem‘s debut trailer. They also praised the character designs, the art style, as well the authenticity of the teenager portrayal. Others have voiced concern over the absence of Casey Jones – the fan-favorite vigilante – who is also not on the official list. It’s a noteworthy absence, as the film’s cast seems to have taken a deep look into the franchise. Officially, no one involved with the project has commented on whether the character would appear.

Fans can wait to see the rest of Turtle’s clan back on the big screen when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Mutant Mayhem hits theaters in August.

Scarlet Witch’s Sister, Polaris, Reveals a Brand New Mutant Metal in Exclusive Discovery

Scarlet Witch #3, Wanda Maximoff & Polaris discuss a mysterious and unknown metal that might rival Mysterium’s anti-magic properties.

Scarlet Witch#3 – Polaris, the X-Men, examines a new mysterious mutant metal that might be stronger than Mysterium.

CBR preview: Wanda Maximoff, her halfsister Polaris meets in Emporium. Polaris examines the metal Wanda disclosed in the previous issue. It is called an “unstable ore with magnetic properties similar to Mysterium and much less refined.”

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  • Polaris’ visit to her sister’s new magic store is interrupted by a microscopic fighter who needs aid. Polaris and Scarlet Witch decide to put their mystery behind them to take a fantastic trip through Sub-Atomica. Darcy Lewis (Wanda’s shop clerk) returns to haunt them with a dark past.

Mysterium is a new metal that first appeared in 2020’s S.W.O.R.D. #1 is an extremely durable metal, which can currently only be created by the world’s mutations. Mysterium was formed in the White Hot Room — a plane of being that serves as a shelter for the Phoenix, its hosts. Mysterium has a variety of powerful properties including the ability to conduct electricity and negate magic.

The new metal Scarlet Witch possesses and Polaris possesses appears to have antimagic abilities that surpass Mysterium. While Wanda was examining Scarlet Witch#2, Wanda commented, “So many unknown things in such a small rock. But not cold iron. Not Orichalcum. Uru. They could not resist my magic. Any spells or Inquests will float about you.”

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Scarlet Witch opens new storefront

Scarlet Witch has been a keeper of Emporium for a year and is always looking out for unusual artifacts, cryptic metals, and other unusual items. Wanda opened her shop in Scarlet Witch#1, telling people that her business venture was intended to sell magical items to people in crisis. Scarlet Witch, a character from the Marvel universe, has been able to assist a range of characters, including Viv Vision.

Wanda’s desire is to help people after years of suffering. This includes her relationship with Vision, which was difficult, as well as her ties with Magneto. In Issue #1 Quicksilver initially laughed about his sister’s business plan but was actually impressed by her secretly.

Scarlet Witch#3 was written by Steve Orlando. Illustrations by Sara Pichelli. Inked by Elisabetta d’Amico. Colored by Matthew Wilson. Lettered by VC’s Cory Petit. Russell Dauterman covers the issue, with variant covers designed by Alex Ross, and Carmen Carnero. Nabetse Zitro, Nolan Woodard, David Nakayama, and Nabetse Citro coloring. Scarlet Witch#3 is available at Marvel starting March 8, 2023.

Stranger Things Season 5 Set to Begin Filming in Summer

David Harbour, Stranger Things star, confirms that production on the fifth and final seasons will start in the summer.

The Stranger Things star David Harbour promised that the series’ fifth season and final will begin filming this summer.

Harbour confirmed the news during the Middle East Film & Comic Con. He added, “We are walking into Season 5m.” “I have a few more weeks to train. But, that season will start in June. Harbour gave fans an indication of what to expect from Detective Jim Hopper in his fifth season. He explained that he did extensive training for Season 4. “He [Hopper] had to be in a specific place, the Russian prison. It was about making him change and sort of shedding some of his self-worth, both physically and mentally. He is now back in America, and they have cheeseburgers.

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Harbour, who played Jim Hopper in Stranger Things premiered in 2016, has stayed with the show along with the other original cast members. Harbour revealed in 2022 his plan for handling the intensive shooting schedule between the season finale of Stranger Things and Marvel Studios Thunderbolts. In this final season, Harbour will play the role of Red Guardian in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Harbour stated that “it’s going to be crazy.” “It’s gonna have to be back-and-forth with me. They’ll need to share my thoughts. It’s sort of like, I don’t know how they’re doing this, but it’s a two-week on, one-week off, two weeks on, two more weeks off, or something similar where I would go back to back.”

Stranger Things Season 5 Coming Soon

Harbour has confirmed Season 5’s schedule of shooting, but Finn Wolfhard confirmed it will be released in February. Wolfhard stated in an interview, “I will have 22 years old by the time [ Stranger ThingsSeason 5″ comes out. I think I started working at 12 and began work on this show at 12. That is incredible. This would mean that the fifth season will be released in 2025.

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This was only one month after Wolfhard discussed his thoughts regarding the future direction of the series. He said that Stranger Things would not last more than five seasons. “I think that the Duffers brothers managed to create a perfect ending in five. We didn’t even know if there would be two. So, we’re happy that people are still watching it.

The news that Stranger Things Season 5 will be it’s last has led to speculation about possible spinoff properties. The Stranger Things writers have previously discredited the claim that an Eleven-centric spinoff show was in development, simply labeling this report as “[n]ottrue.”

Netflix offers to stream the first four seasons of Stranger Things.

McFarlane Toys Releases Stunning Knightfall Batman Collectible

McFarlane Toys unveils brand-new Batman/Bruce Wayne and Robin/Tim Drake figures inspired by DC’s “Knightfall” and “Robin: Reborn” story stories.

McFarlane Toys unveiled new Tim Drake/Robin figures. The figures are basing themselves on “Knightfall” as well as “Robin: Reborn” story stories.

The McFarlane Toys Winter Showcase 2023 included brand-new figures. They were posted to McFarlane Toys Instagram. The caption for the Tim Drake/ Robin figure post reads: “Oh, wait, some items… First of all, look AT Tim Drake(tm), Robin(TM), and Robin(TM) from Robin: Reborn ™. Soon to be released …” The post for the Batman “Knightfall” figure also promises fans that will be released shortly.

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Chuck Dixon Denny O’Neil, Alan Grant and Doug Moench helmed “Knightfall” in the 1990s, a Batman story that featured Bruce Wayne’s take on Bane. At the time, Bane was a new villain in Gotham City and had just made an appearance in 1993’s Batman the Revenge of Bane #1 written by Dixon and Graham Nolan.

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Batman and Bane, tired and burnt out, have a major confrontation in Wayne Manor when Batman releases other villains from Arkham Asylum. Batman eventually loses his back on Bane’s knee. This is Kelley Jones’ iconic Batman#497 cover. This moment was also made live-action by Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Returns. It was released in 2012. “Knightfall” also features Jean-Paul Valley/Azrael, a character developed by O’Neil, Joe Quesada, and Peter Milligan who first appeared in 1992’s Batman: Sword of Azrael #1 — become the Dark Knight while Batman works alongside Doctor Shondra Kinsolving to heal his injuries.

McFarlane Toys Winter Showcase Includes New Figures. Figures

On March 2, 2023, McFarlane Toys also debuted a variety of brand new Spawnfigures in the McFarlane Toys Winter Showcase 2023. Figures for Monolith, Sinn, and Medieval Spawn are available to pre-order via McFarlane Toys’ website and are scheduled to be released in 2023. “Sir John, who was killed by his King was revived as one of the first real Hell Knights.” The description of the Medieval Spawn figure is as follows. He was eventually caught by the church and then sent to destroy Spawn. He now exists as another thing and is a revenant who seeks to atone for his sins.”

For more information, go to McFarlane Toys’ website.

One Piece: Exploring Sanji’s Difficult Introduction to the Crew

One Piece is known for its ability to give its characters a memorable debut, especially the Straw Hat Pirates. However, Sanji didn’t enjoy such treatment.

One Piece is a story about the story of a group of pirates known as the Straw Hat Pirates. Every member has a goal big enough to be mocked by ordinary people, while the captain, Luffy, is trying to be the Pirate King — and the group is gradually but surely recognizing this scenario. But it wasn’t always this way. When they set the sails, Logia Devil Fruit users were their only opponents. They were unable to defeat them without a loophole. However, the Straw Hats back then were incredible. They’re all featured in extremely cool manners through One Piece except Sanji.

The tales of the Straw Hats began with just Luffy who left his hometown in the absence of a boat. He managed to reach each island, almost entirely relying on luck. The first person he met was not a part of the Straw Hat Pirates. Instead, Luffy was determined to become a Marine. But thanks to Koby’s help, Luffy got to meet Zoro. Nami was soon a part of their crew, which was followed by Usopp and Sanji. They were drawn to Grand Line, where they were able to recruit additional members.

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The East Blue Saga members were pretty sexy

One Piece began with a flashback showing Luffy’s humble beginnings. Luffy was a brat who had a snot nose, asking Shanks and his crew for permission to go sailing with him. Luffy was only 13 years old and had a lot of courage. He attempted to cut his eye to prove his courage but also took on a band of mountain bandits after the criminals badmouthed his pirate friends. He ultimately got saved by Shanks however, Luffy did not give up after his turning. He began sailing on his own however, he also gave Shanks an enormous dose of his pistol punch.

Amazing introductions are also given to the following three Straw Hats. Zoro was captured by a Marine base for the first time. Koby introduced Zoro as a notorious person and this was affirmed afterward. Zoro endured not eating for several days, but Zoro was still able to help Luffy take down the Marine base the moment the base was liberated. Nami might not be the strongest of the group, but her debut was packed with action. She stole the evil Buggy the Clown and even was able to help Luffy to defeat the murderous pirate. However, the highlight was when she used her naked hands to prevent a gun from going off and also saved the protagonist’s life.

Usopp, the weaker member in the Straw Hats, also had an interesting entry into One Piece. Despite his timid nature, he decided to fight Kuro and the Black Cat Pirates as they tried to take over his hometown. Luffy defeated Kuro but Usopp delivered the ultimate punch to Jango.

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Sanji has a Sob Story, Much like the Other Straw Hats

It’s not uncommon to find One Piece characters have tragic stories behind them. Sanji Of course isn’t an exception. As with the Straw Hats, his sob story was made public the moment when he was first introduced. Sanji was cooking since his childhood years and his life changed an unexpected turn when Red Leg Zeff’s pirate team arrived at their restaurant. The storm that hit the restaurant was very severe and all the staff, except Zeff and Sanji who were both killed, went down. They were castaways for the next few months.

They might have escaped the harsh weather however they were not out of danger. They had a limited supply of food, so they were further divided. It was later discovered that Zeff had provided the younger Sanji with all the food, and the latter was then forced to remove and cut off his leg to alleviate his hungry. Sanji was shocked by the situation and promised to assist Zeff to create a beachside restaurant.

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The Story of the Baratie Battles Sanji

Sanji disappears into the background except for his flashback. His supposed arc, called the “Baratie” arc is primarily about the altercation between the Krieg Pirates and the titular restaurant. It was reasonable to assume Sanji was at the forefront of the fight to defend his beloved workplace, but that isn’t what happened. Zoro was the first to take the limelight. In a sad turn of events, Dracule Mihawk chased down the Krieg Pirates along the Grand Line to East Blue. Zoro was aware that the Warlord was regarded as the most powerful swordsman in the world and fought Mihawk to a duel. While the Straw Hat lost a lot but he gained the Warlord’s respect.

Don Krieg and his band of scallywags took over as the antagonists of the arc after Mihawk left the restaurant. In defiance of Gin’s and Sanji’s pleas, Don Krieg decided to assume control of Baratie and make it his main vessel. Even so, Don Krieg’s opponent isn’t Sanji. It’s Luffy. While it seems like an opportunity missed to showcase Luffy’s combat skills, however, it’s not unsurprising. Luffy is always the first to take on the bosses who are the ultimate challengers when they recruit his crewmates. Sanji was not able to have the chance to show off the kicks that he is so proud of.

Sanji was facing Pearl who was proud of his incomprehensible defense. However, it wasn’t a fight. It’s more like a one-sided beating down with Sanji as the one who suffered. There are no unexpected twists or power-ups, as Sanji just took Pearl’s punches and it was the villain’s fellow crew member, Gin, who defeated him. If Sanji was not considered one of the Straw Hats’ most powerful members and had a similar performance, it would have been acceptable. Nami and Usopp, who were the weakest members, were better fighting skills than the other members. While the “Baratie arc” was the introduction of Sanji to One Piece but he was overshadowed most often by Zoro or Luffy.