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  • Los Angeles Erupts in Laughter as The Joker Sparks a Riot

    The Los Angeles riot involving The Joker shows how flexible the Clown Prince is. This sets him apart from other DC Universe villains. The following contains spoilers for The Jeker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing#6, which is available now from DC Comics. The Joker has been a popular villain in comics. The Clown Prince of Crime was […]

  • Forgotten Wakandan Ally Rises Again with Spider-Man to Confront Terrifying Monsters

    Spider-Man Unforgiven is a return to the forefront of Marvel’s history. It features a former Wakandan monster hunter who returns to the limelight. This section contains major spoilers for Spider-Man #1: Unforgiven #1. Available now from Marvel Comics. Spider-Man’s popularity with fans makes it no surprise that he is featured in the smallest Marvel story arcs. The […]

  • Spider-Man Just Brought Back a Forgotten Wakandan – To Fight Monsters

    Spider-Man: Unforgiven returns to a forgotten aspect of Marvel’s past, as a former Wakandan monster hunter is back in the spotlight. This article contains major spoilers about Spider-Man’s #1, Unforgiven #1. On sale now at Marvel Comics. Spider-Man is a beloved character among Marvel fans. It’s not surprising that he appears in the most limited Marvel story […]

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fans Rejoice: Redesigned April, Splinter, and Additional Characters Revealed in New Images

    Paramount’s original trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mutant Mayhem) gives detailed views of the iconic franchise’s revamped characters. Producer Seth Rogen’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles presents new details about April O’Neil and Splinter. These images are taken from the first trailer. These images show April O’Neil’s meeting with the Turtles and Splinter’s new Jheri curl. Also, Rocksteady and […]

  • Scarlet Witch’s Sister, Polaris, Reveals a Brand New Mutant Metal in Exclusive Discovery

    Scarlet Witch #3, Wanda Maximoff & Polaris discuss a mysterious and unknown metal that might rival Mysterium’s anti-magic properties. Scarlet Witch#3 – Polaris, the X-Men, examines a new mysterious mutant metal that might be stronger than Mysterium. CBR preview: Wanda Maximoff, her halfsister Polaris meets in Emporium. Polaris examines the metal Wanda disclosed in the previous issue. It […]

  • Stranger Things Season 5 Set to Begin Filming in Summer

    David Harbour, Stranger Things star, confirms that production on the fifth and final seasons will start in the summer. The Stranger Things star David Harbour promised that the series’ fifth season and final will begin filming this summer. Harbour confirmed the news during the Middle East Film & Comic Con. He added, “We are walking into […]

  • McFarlane Toys Releases Stunning Knightfall Batman Collectible

    McFarlane Toys unveils brand-new Batman/Bruce Wayne and Robin/Tim Drake figures inspired by DC’s “Knightfall” and “Robin: Reborn” story stories. McFarlane Toys unveiled new Tim Drake/Robin figures. The figures are basing themselves on “Knightfall” as well as “Robin: Reborn” story stories. The McFarlane Toys Winter Showcase 2023 included brand-new figures. They were posted to McFarlane Toys Instagram. The […]

  • One Piece: Exploring Sanji’s Difficult Introduction to the Crew

    One Piece is known for its ability to give its characters a memorable debut, especially the Straw Hat Pirates. However, Sanji didn’t enjoy such treatment. One Piece is a story about the story of a group of pirates known as the Straw Hat Pirates. Every member has a goal big enough to be mocked by ordinary people, while […]

  • A Traitor Among the Heroes: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury’s Quest to Stop Lord Zedd

    A new Power Rangers Report confirms that one Fury Ranger will be joining forces with Lord Zedd for the show’s 30th anniversary. These spoilers are for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. The series is set to premiere on Netflix in late-2023. According to a recent report, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will witness the Blue Cosmic Fury Ranger, Ollie […]

  • Pokemon Fan Creates Paradox Form for Espeon and Umbreon

    One Piece’s latest episode announces a short hiatus between the next episode and reveals that the anime series will not return until March 19. The ongoing anime adventures of One Piece will experience a slight delay before returning to fans in March. After the release of “Sanji’s Mutation – The Two Arms in Crisis!”, a preview for […]

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